6 Tips on Buying for Mum this Mother’s Day + GIFT IDEAS

If your mum is anything like mine, she’s probably wiped your tears away while you cry over your fifteen year old heart break, held your hair while you threw up after your 18th, and fed you, clothed you and housed you for most of your life (okay, my whole life).

It’s a little bit sad that Mums are only celebrated one day a year, when in retrospect it should be every day. But if you – like me – take your mum for granted every other day of the year and never remember to say you love her,  Mother’s Day is your REDEEMING DAY. If you’ve forgotten when it is, this year Mother’s Day is on May 10th – which is real soon. So pull your finger out, and buy something nice for your mum and definitely take her out to breakfast, because she deserves it.


If your excuse is “I don’t know what to get her” or “she never wants anything” – stop. I’ll list some great Mother’s Day gifts below so you have no excuses. AND I’m even going to give you the chance to WIN a great Mother’s Day Gift. So keep reading!


1. Your mum doesn’t really care what the gift is, it’s always the THOUGHT that counts. So don’t worry that she’s not going to like what you get her, because she’ll always pretend like she does. And besides Mum’s are super bias. Whatever you get her is definitely better than what her best friend Deb’s children got her. 

2. A gift card? Really? She gave birth to you, grew you herself and you repay her with a gift card?

Mum Vacuuming

3. If you’re tight for cash, think about all the things your mum does for you all the time that cost nothing. Cooking, vacuuming, dishes, laundry. Give your mum a weekend off by doing some of this for her.

4. Other things that money can’t buy include spending time with your mum. As previously mentioned, take her out to breakfast or to the cinema or other places that she doesn’t get to go because she’s too busy being a mum.

5. Subscriptions to cooking magazines, lifestyles magazines or shopping sites is another good tip.

6. Don’t give your mum a gym membership, a treadmill, a fat jiggler or a shirt in a size too big. I mean what would you think if it were the other way round.



Jadore1. Christian Dior J’adore L’eau Eau De Toilette because Mum’s love perfume.

2. Give her hair some much needed treatment with a treatment pack. We love Joico or Pureology.

3. Make her skin feel amazing without the expensive spa trip. Try these cute packs by asap or Alpha-H.

4. Make her house smell amazing with a diffuser or a candle from Palm Beach Collection. Plus they look cute too!

mothers day 75. Maybe she wants to shake things up a bit with a new style. Create many hair styles in one with the GHD V Styler in the gorgeous Limited Edition Rose Gold.

6. Keep your mum on trend by buying her some new makeup. Lipstick and eye-shadow are great. Avoid buying face products such as foundation unless you know for sure the exact colour/formula your mum prefers.


To celebrate Mother’s Day Ry are also giving you the chance to Pin and Win! Pin your favourite Mother’s Day gift on Pinterest for your chance to win it! Competition begins 24.04 and the winner will be drawn on the 1.05, just in time to receive your gift for Mother’s Day.


Get something your mum would really like this Mother’s Day – you have no excuses now!

Wishing all the mum’s out there the happiest of Mother’s Days.

Writer and expert