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RY Chats to Professional Makeup Artist Mia Connor

Every makeup lover wants a peek into the life of a professional MUA, especially one as skilled, vibrant and entrepreneurial as the Gold Coast’s own Mia Connor.

Mia has built a successful career in makeup artistry that only continues to blossom, through stints at big-time events including the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in Sydney, and her popular makeup masterclasses.

RY Chats to Professional Makeup Artist Mia Connor

Mia Connor MUA Exclusive Interview

We recently caught up with Mia Connor to chat about her skincare essentials, top makeup tips, guilty pleasures and much more. Keep on reading to learn all about this talented (and incredibly down to earth!) MUA.

RY: Hey Mia! We’re so excited to be chatting with you today. So, let’s start with skincare… As the weather starts to cool down, our skin can definitely feel the change. What do you do to keep your skin hydrated?

Mia Connor: I’m currently using dermatologist-recommend skincare and it’s helping so much! I have definitely noticed a change in my skin with the change of weather, especially travelling to different cities where the weather is cooler. Good skin care and a combination of regular microdermabrasions keep my skin in check.

RY: What is the one crucial element in your skincare routine you could never live without?

MC: Cleanser, and always a double cleanse. There’s nothing better than getting rid of all of my makeup after a long day!

RY: You travel a lot for work. Do you have any tips for our other frequent travellers that’ll help them keep their complexion tip-top in transit?

MC: Try not to wear makeup when you fly, drink lots of water and apply a hydrating mist multiple times whilst in the air. I also cannot live without a good lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.

Mia Connor MUA on Amber Setema

Mia Connor makeup artistry on model Amber Setema

RY: What do you love most about makeup and being an MUA?

MC: I love being creative, making people feel good about themselves, teaching others about makeup and the lifestyle of never having one day the same – being able to travel with my work and meet amazing people.

RY: What are your top 5 ‘can’t live without’ beauty products?

MC: They would have to be…

RY: If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?

MC: I was a paralegal in law firms for ten years prior to doing makeup. I did start my law degree for a minute, but then pursued makeup instead! I don’t think I would be in law, but I have always loved the fashion industry – I was obsessed with all of the original ‘90s supermodels when I was in high school, as well as photography and beauty. I would definitely be in this industry on some level.

RY: Where do you get your inspiration from when doing makeup?

MC: All around me – social media, other artists and magazines.

RY: Is there one makeup item you can’t leave the house without putting on, or do you embrace the bare-faced look from time to time?

MC: Mascara is my go-to. I don’t go bare faced too often. I wear minimal makeup on a day to day, but brows and lashes are a must for me!

RY: Do you have any quick makeup hacks that’ll help our RY beauties step up their application game?

MC: I’m a big advocate of less is best anyway, so tone it all down and see how much extra time you have to sleep in! Wear nude eyeshadows that require less blending. Don’t do winged liner if you are time poor; the same goes for dark, smoky eyes. Try doing eyes first instead of your base, too, to avoid fallout issues.

Mia Connor MUA on Bela

Mia Connor makeup artistry on model Bela

RY: What’s your favourite makeup trend of the moment and why?

MC: Brushed up, glossy/wet looking, bushy brows. They are youthful and natural – I love, love, love a wet brow look.

RY: If you could pick one moment you’re most proud of in your life or career, what would it be?

MC: I am travelling to Europe in August, by myself, and putting on a Masterclass in Croatia and London. These will be my first (of many, I hope!) international masterclasses. Hopefully the USA is next!

RY: Now for a few rapid fire questions… what’s your guilty pleasure?

MC: Shopping, and lots of it.

RY: Favourite thing to do in your down time?

MC: Beach – I don’t go enough as I want to.

RY: Go-to winter beverage?

MC: Shiraz, pretty much all year round!

RY: Winter wardrobe must-have?

MC: Leather pants.

RY: ‘Girlboss’ inspiration?

MC: Right now, as I’ve just come off the end of doing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney for Lancôme, it would be Lancôme’s National Makeup Director, Lara Srokowski – what a woman! So young and so successful. She’s extremely talented with makeup artistry, team management and always looks on point whilst doing it!

A huge thanks to the talented Mia Connor for chatting with us about all things makeup, skincare and her flourishing career as an MUA. To discover more about Mia, head on over to her website here, or follow her on Instagram, @miaconnor.

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