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How to Clean a ghd Hair Straightener

So, you’ve got a sleek ghd in your possession — lucky you! Whether your ghd hair straightener is brand spanking new or has a few years on it, looking after it it is an ultra-important step to maintaining its life and ensuring those lasting results. Noticed your ghd styler looking a little worse for wear? Maybe it’s time to give it a good clean! Keep reading for tips on how to clean a ghd hair straightener.

Why Should I Keep My ghd Clean?


Cleaning your ghd hair straightener is essential to its longevity. It will not only keep your hair styler looking good, but it can also prolong its life and efficacy. Finding greasy buildup from hair products in your hair straightener is a real nuisance, and can look grubby. Below we have listed some simple tips to help you keep your ghd in tip top shape.

Having your ghd clean and looked after will ensure easier styling, as your straightener will glide down the hair shaft in a smooth motion. Remember — most professional hair products are actually water soluble and should wipe off easy. Some cheaper hair products do contain nasty ingredients like silicone that will leave an increased amount of build up on your straighteners plates.

The following tips can be used for every type of ghd straightener. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the Original ghd IV Styler, the ghd Gold Professional Styler or the Platinum+ — these easy hints are universal!

How to Clean a ghd Hair Straightener: 5 Simple Tips

How to Clean a ghd Straightener gold max styler with accessories

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Here are five options to make your ghd straightener look brand new without spending any money!

TIP: Before following the below suggestions, turn your ghd straightener on for a bit to get it a little warm. However, always make sure that it is unplugged while performing the cleaning procedures. (Be careful not to burn your fingers.)

1. Water— Wet a cloth with clean, cold water then squeeze it to remove any excess. Rub the damp cloth gently over the plates surface. A face wipe can also be a good alternative for a damp cloth.

2. Alcohol— Instead of water, you could also wet a cloth with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Just be careful not to scrape your ghd straightener as scraping causes defects and can ruin the plates.

3. Acetone— Acetone is a strong solution that is highly recommended in removing heavy dirt build-up; let the acetone/nail polish remover soak up the entire grime for half an hour before rubbing with a wash cloth.

4. Lemon Juice— Soak a piece of cloth with pure lemon juice, then place the cloth over the plates for twenty minutes to ensure that the solution absorbs any gunk that might be on your straightener plates. Then, scrub the plates gently with a nail brush.

5. Baking Soda— Blend a thin paste by mixing water with baking soda. Apply the solution with a cotton ball and rub it on the plates.

With the proper solutions and right cleaning procedures, you will definitely be surprised on how good the results can be. A clean ghd straightener will give you a great hair day, every day!

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