Here’s What You Need to Know About the New ghd Gold

ghd will always be one of our top picks when it comes to straighteners and stylers. This brand have been around for almost two decades, and have easily established themselves as a go-to for celebrities and professionals. As if you weren’t already spoiled for choice, we’re excited to announce the release of the new ghd Gold, a professional-quality straightener with all of the bells and whistles you want from your day-to-day heated tool.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the New ghd Gold

The ghd Gold Professional Styler is a levelled-up version of the existing ghd V Gold Styler, which is being phased out and replaced with the new model. Designed to deliver professional results at an affordable price point, this stunning styler has been proven to deliver amazing results. Think sleeker, smoother hair that appears optimally healthy and downright gorgeous.

Keep on reading to discover everything you need to know about the new ghd Gold, including what sets it apart from the now-retired ghd V Gold Styler.

What’s New

ghd Gold Styler New Product Professional Hair Straightener

So, you’re feeling a little down reading this, the ghd V Gold Styler was probably one of your faves — don’t stress! The new ghd Gold combines some of the best features of its predecessor with some key improvements that are bound to perfect your styling experience. Here are some of the exciting, new features that the ghd Gold offers.

Dual-Zone Technology: You will have heard of Tri-Zone Technology if you own a ghd Platinum Styler, so think of Dual-Zone Technology as its little sister. Instead of three heated regions, this styler features two, one towards the tip of the styler and another closer to the base. This essentially means the straightener has better control over the way it heats your hair, instead of over-delivering in one area and lacking in another. Think quicker styling and a more uniform look in terms of sleekness and smoothness.

Heat Up Time: One of the biggest pains in our morning routine is waiting for the straightener to heat up — yep, we’re that impatient. Thankfully, with the new ghd Gold, you’ll only have to stand around for a speedy 25 seconds while you wait for your styler to heat to its full potential.

Improved Ergonomics: If you compare the new ghd Gold to the now-dated V Gold Styler, you’ll notice one of the biggest improvements lies in its look and feel. The modern design means this product will look gorgeous sitting atop your bathroom counter, and the rounded barrel assists with preventing snags and speeding up your styling time. The swivel cord has also been upgraded to enhance your overall experience, letting you worry more about how your hair looks and less about twisting and turning to find the right angle (we’ve all done it).

What’s Staying

ghd Gold Styler New Professional Straightener

Optimal Temperature: ghd know exactly what temperature works best for styling, so they’ve kept the ghd Gold at an optimal 185°C. This is the ideal middle ground, delivering quick and effective styling without creating damage or compromising hair health.

Automatic Switch-Off: Just like the V Gold Styler, the new ghd Gold Professional Styler is incredibly intuitive and puts your safety first. If accidentally left on, the straightener will automatically switch itself off after 30 minutes to prevent against any danger.

Lightweight Feel: If you style your hair with a straightener every day, you know how taxing it can get to hold a heavy product above your head while you utilise its magic. Thankfully, one of the key elements of the original ghd V Gold Styler has been maintained in the new model — its lightweight feel. We promise your arms won’t ache even after a solid session using this straightener!

Universal Voltage: For total convenience when travelling, your ghd Gold Professional Styler will come equipped with universal voltage, just like the older model did. Simply plug in and go when you’re on the move between countries — this product is ideal for the regular jetsetter!

How Does It Stack Up?

New ghd Gold Professional Styler Straightener

Upon learning about the new ghd Gold, one question quickly came to mind when the intrigue settled down — how does the new product stack up against ghd’s other models? If you’re a longtime fan of the brand, you will have seen numerous stylers hit the market to rave reviews, so it can get a little confusing when it comes down to making that big choice.

Against the ghd IV Styler: Although the IV Styler is one of the original products in the ghd range, it’s still pretty beloved amongst customers, especially because of its affordable price. Unlike the new ghd Gold Professional Styler, though, this product only boasts one sensor that stretches across both plates, meaning it’s less intuitive at heating your hair.

It also uses ceramic technology, which can be amazingly effective, but compromises the heat and damage control benefits of the new styler. If your hair is prone to breakage or is coloured, we’d definitely recommend moving on up to the new product, as it will ensure your hair stays healthy while you style.

Against the ghd Platinum Styler: On the other hand, the Platinum Styler features more sensors and heaters than the new ghd Gold. This essentially means it will heat the hair quicker, and is a little safer in terms of heat delivery, too. Six sensors and heaters work to deliver optimal heat to the hair, instinctively adjusting to give you a transformative experience. Where this is the top-of-the-range choice, the ghd Gold Professional Styler sits perfectly in the middle, a great mix of affordability and professional quality.

Who Should Use It?

Margot Robbie ghd Gold Professional Styler waves

Like the other core straighteners in the ghd range, the new ghd Gold Professional Styler works wonders for every hair type. The smooth plates and Dual-Zone Technology ensure thick or coarse hair receives enough heat to create a sleek look, whereas the sensors help to regulate heat delivery in thin hair types. You can use your new ghd Gold to create everything from pin straight locks to ghd curls, which require a simple twisting motion for that signature luxe, wavy look.

Everyone from the pros to at-home haircare lovers will adore this new model from ghd, as its range of benefits and features promise an experience like no other. Easy, light and stress-free, you’ll love straightening your hair on the regular with this soon-to-be coveted product. Stylist Bryce Scarlett created this gorgeous look on Aussie babe Margot Robbie using the new ghd Gold.

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