7 Hair Growth Tips For Long, Luscious Locks

Have you ever cut your hair and instantly regretted it? So has a good 99% of the female population, so we can guarantee you’re not alone! If your newly shorter locks have fostered a case of the haircut blues, stop your stressin’–there are a few things you can do to help speed up the hair growth waiting game.

7 Hair Growth Tips For Long, Luscious Locks

Strong, healthy hair grows faster, so it’s all about fortifying those bonds so you can fast-track your Rapunzel transformation. Here are the most effective ways to keep hair nourished and free of damage, ensuring your locks can grow longer in less time.

1. Use a protein-based shampoo and conditioner

We all know the importance of consuming protein, so that our bodies are able to stay strong, lean and capable. The same goes for our hair! By working protein into your haircare routine, you’ll be able to prevent against breakage, minimise damage, and reap the benefits of strong, silky and healthy locks. One of the easiest ways to do this (without adding a ton of steak into your diet!) is to use a protein shampoo, conditioner or both.

Frizzy, dull, dry and thin hair types will benefit from using a protein-based solution to wash or condition on a regular basis. Not only does this ingredient repair damage within the hair, it also helps to strengthen, thicken and smooth out your strands for a gorgeous look and feel. Here are our favourite protein-based products of the moment, guaranteed to give you the hair you’ve always lusted after!

2. Take a supplement

Viviscal hair growth supplement

Beauty supplements are definitely trending in 2017, with many a celebrity and Insta-famous model promoting these all over social media. We promise they’re not a gimmick, though–they actually can work wonders for your complexion, mood, body and, most importantly, your hair. Hair growth supplements usually use a few main ingredients to help boost strength, shine and length, a primary one being biotin.

Biotin is a naturally occurring vitamin (Vitamin B7, to be exact) that has been found to positively contribute to hair, skin and nail health. Present in a lot of hair growth supplements, serums and more, it helps the body to more effectively absorb nutrients better, leading to healthier hair follicles. Add this key ingredient into your daily routine in gummy, tablet or powder form and watch as healthier hair unfolds. One major hit for hair growth and density is Viviscal.

3. Invest in your hair

If you want stunning, flowing locks, you can’t expect to get out of it on too much of a budget. We’re not saying throw every dollar you make into your hair, but it’s definitely important not to skimp when it comes to haircare.

Go for a salon quality shampoo and conditioner that’s free of parabens, teas and other nasties to ensure you’re not just coating your hair with a layer of chemicals. Many stylists prefer their clients to also go sulfate-free. If you’re ready to sacrifice that in-shower lather, these kind of products provide a great way to truly clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

Another area you should splurge a little on is your heated tools and heat protectants. Using curlers, straighteners and blowdryers on a regular basis can do quite a lot of damage to your hair, ‘frying‘ the follicles and causing split ends and breakage. Invest in good quality tools from a reputable brand, as many of these will be coated with protective films or fibres to reduce damage. Same goes for your heat protectant–spray it liberally, and don’t go too cheap. We love brands like Paul Mitchell and Wella Professional for these necessities.

4. Treat your locks once-weekly

Moroccanoil Restorative hair mask treatment

Just like we all need a little down time to escape the daily grind, so does your hair. Exposure to the elements can contribute to damage, so it’s definitely worth being wary of pollution, UV rays, free radicals and other environmental contributors. Instead of letting your locks take this in their stride, it’s time to fend off further damage by giving your hair a little treat every now and then.

Use a replenishing, nourishing hair mask as part of your self-care Saturday or Sunday routine. This is your weekly excuse to relax, pop on a face mask and give your hair the TLC it deserves. Select a hair mask or treatment based on the type of hair you have–after all, thin hair will be overwhelmed by dense masks, whereas thick, curly locks will benefit from something a little heavier. Check out our favourite masks below.

5. Up your trim frequency

It’s not the answer most of us want to hear, but a key tip when it comes to spurring on hair growth is not shying away from haircuts! Regular trims are an ideal way to re-stimulate the hair follicle and give it that boost it needs to react and grow longer and stronger. Your hairdresser will be able to recommend how often you need a trim, but it usually runs somewhere between every 4-8 weeks, depending on your starting length.

If split ends are getting you down between trims, though, we recommend working a split end serum or cream into your haircare routine. This will maintain the quality of your lengths between salon visits, helping to seal the hair shaft and prevent against those pesky, ratty-looking ends. We love the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends leave-in treatment, as it also helps to smooth and strengthen the hair.

6. Colour smarter

Olaplex No. 3 hair perfector restorative treatment

Most gals love to dye their hair (many of us included!) and that’s totally okay, even if you’re trying to rush hair growth. It’s important, however, to ensure you’re colouring smart. This generally involves leaving your colouring services to a haircare professional, so put down the box dye!

Another way to ensure your colour doesn’t absolutely destroy your hair follicles is by using Olaplex. Have a professional use Nos. 1 and 2 on you in-salon–this bond restructuring ‘miracle treatment’ will essentially bridge any unwanted gaps (i.e. breakages) in your hair shaft for thicker, healthier hair. It’s an ideal way to withstand the test of colouring and bleaching, which is why it’s constantly being recommended to blondes in particular. Then, pick up Olaplex No. 3 to help maintain hair health from home!

7. Avoid breakage as much as possible

We’re all used to a little breakage when it comes to our tresses, but if you’re trying to bolster hair growth, it’s definitely something to avoid as much as you can. A lot of girls aren’t educated about what makes hair snap and break, however there are a few main culprits. Eliminating these bad guys will give your hair the opportunity to grow healthier and stronger without any external factors putting you back at square one.

When sleeping, don’t tie your hair up. If you have to (hair can be annoying when you sleep!) then a loose, cloth hair tie is the way to go. Hair elastics rub up against the hair while you toss and turn, creating little snags that damage your hair close to the crown, so they’re definitely one to leave behind as you embark on your hair growth journey!

Another major factor to consider is post-washing care. Avoid brushing your hair out ’til it’s close to dry, or use a blowdryer and begin tackling those knots when it’s around 70% dry. A good quality brush can also help you to avoid tearing and tangling your locks.

Let us know your best hair growth tip by commenting on our Facebook post! Don’t forget to check out our fave restorative haircare brands, including newbie on-site Grow Gorgeous, and brand of the month Moroccanoil!



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