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Removing body hair can be a pain – literally! And let’s face facts; it can also be something of a chore.

The NoNo hair remover was created to bring a professional hair removal system, similar to those used in spas and salons, to your home and the popularity of this beauty product is growing, as users find it offers an excellent solution to the problem of unwanted body hair.

Women have removed their unwanted body hair since ancient times, it’s nothing new but what are all your hair removal options?

Plucking using tweezers is perfect for smaller areas of hair on your body such as the eyebrows and – dare we say it – your chin if you have the odd sprouting hair! Regrowth can be blunt however and there can be a problem with in-growing hairs when you pluck. Hair is removed at the root so regrowth takes longer, it’s no good for larger areas however unless you have a lot of time, patience and an ultra-high pain threshold.

Razor blades used for shaving are a quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair especially from the legs and underarms. Razors can leave sensitive skin sore and prone to rashes and regrowth is very fast. It’s difficult to get that perfect silky-smooth feeling when you shave. Some women use razors for their bikini area but we would advise caution if shaving this area for various reasons! Bikini rash – so not a good look.

Depilatory Creams
Hair removal creams burn the hair off at the root so again regrowth can be fast and you may not be left entirely smooth for long. Creams can be used on the arms, legs and underarms and most people’s main problem with them is that they don’t smell too good!

This method involves pulling the hair out from the root using hot or cold wax. Yes it can be painful although advances in waxing technology means that there are now waxes available that are less painful to remove and also minimise the problem of ingrowing hairs. Hair regrowth is slower as the hair is removed at the root and overtime waxing leaves hairs finer then they were previously.

Electrolysis and Laser hair removal
Electrolysis treatment involves removing individual hairs via an electrical current; this method is best carried out by a professional although home kits are available. Electrolysis can remove hair permanently although several sessions may be needed and it is more suited to smaller areas of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal works in a similar way to electrolysis except a laser is used to destroy the hair follicle. It is suitable for both large and smaller areas of hair and home kits can be bought.

Home hair removal solutions
We all know what a pain unwanted body hair can be and removing it can be equally as painful depending on the type of hair removal method you prefer! But now thanks to the NoNo Hair removal system life is about to get a whole lot easier.

There have been several products on the market in recent years that have promised pain free hair removal at home but few of them have delivered in the way the No No hair remover can.

How does it work?

Basically the NoNo hair removal system works in a similar way to laser and IPL treatments by conducting heat down the shaft of each hair into the follicle using what is known as Thermicon technology. However unlike laser treatment and IPL no light is used making this a much safer alternative for home use. What’s more unlike other salon treatments it works on any colour of hair including blonde and grey so this innovative product is not just for women with darker hair colouring.

Why choose the NoNo Hair remover?

Aside from the pain free factor the No No hair remover also promises to inhibit hair regrowth and reduce hair density by up to 94% – which has got to be a good thing if battling constant hair regrowth drives you crazy!

It’s also clean and simple to use without any need for wax or chemicals. There’s a blade for longer hair and a blade designed to work on stubble and the device is also cord free.

You can use it on any part of your body, including your face but the makers advise that you master using it on your legs or arms first before using it to remove hair in the underarm or bikini areas.

It can take some practice to get used to but once you have the method mastered you’re looking at a long-term investment, which takes away another huge pain when it comes to hair removal – the cost!

NoNo Hair Removal Products available online from – why not take a look?



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