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How To Get Rid Of Sunburn

When we think of Australia, we immediately think of sunny weather and hot temperatures. However, with a naturally warm climate, sunburn is common, which is why it’s important you know how to treat it, how to prevent it, and which products aid both of these processes. Below, we have listed our top tips on how to prevent sunburn as well as some of our favourite products to help you treat it.

What causes sunburn?

Sunburn is your skin’s inflammatory reaction to extended exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, whether you’ve spent too much time sunbathing or have been working outside all day without wearing adequate protection. However, sunburn can also be caused by the replication of this exposure in artificial environments, such as sunbeds. Leaving your skin sore, angry, and inflamed, sunburn can be quite an uncomfortable price to pay for golden, goddess worthy skin. It is a common issue, especially with Australia’s climate, but luckily, it can be treated to prevent more serious issues, such as skin cancer.

How to treat sunburn

Sunburn can be treated with a mixture of home remedies, such as bathing in cold water to soothe the skin. However, this can be quite a painful experience, so you might be more comfortable using a combination of moisturising and sunburn products, as this will coax the skin into recovery.

What products to use

1. Christophe Robin Intense Regenerating Balm
2. Lycon Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
3 . Kerstin Florian Aloe Gel
4. Bondi Sands Hydra After Sun Aloe Vera Aerosol Foam

At RY, we have handpicked our favourite products, including:


Enriched with prickly pear oil, this treatment is perfect for use on both the hair and the body. With a powdery fragrance, the Christophe Robin Intense Regenerating Balm is also a great alternative to silicone-based serums and oils.


Aloe vera is a byword for intense moisturisation. With its naturally juicy properties, dry, peeling and sunburnt skin doesn’t stand a chance. Backed by impressive healing properties, this treatment is one you will be reaching for time and time again.


Kerstin Florian Aloe Gel enriches every inch of skin that it covers, be this the face, the body, or both. It is packed full of impressive nutrients such as aloe, arnica and allantoin that will bring your skin back from the clutches of sunburn for a smooth, anti-ageing finish.


Famous for its understanding of all things sun, this staple Aussie brand has done it once again. For a more affordable sunburn treatment, this is a product worth checking out. Made from 95% aloe vera, it is not a product that skimps on care for the price.

Our top prevention tips

There’s no need to avoid the sun out of fear! There are plenty of things you can do to prevent being sunburnt in the first place. For example, make sure you top up your sunscreen regularly throughout the day (make sure it has a good SPF rating too!), especially during the hottest points (which is usually around midday). You can also wear wide-brimmed hats and sit in the shade as much as possible.

At RY, we are proud to be official stockists of a number of leading brands that stock sunburn products. With many natural benefits added, after-sun products are a worthwhile investment all year round.



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