Garbo & Kelly Are The Aussie Brand Redefining Luxe Makeup

Is timeless, glamorous beauty your thing? Well, it’s Garbo & Kelly‘s forte, too–and they’re here to help you recreate gorgeous old Hollywood looks with their luxe product range. Designed to enhance natural beauty, their brow products, palettes, tools and more are simultaneously affordable and easy to use, and have the ultimate goal of empowering you, the wearer, in mind.

Garbo & Kelly Are the Aussie Brand Redefining Luxe Makeup

With a growing list of fans, including beauty bloggers and makeup artists, Garbo & Kelly are definitely a makeup brand to watch. We predict they’ll catapult to cult status in no time! While you’re still ahead of the curve, though, perhaps it’s time to stock up on what are sure to be new faves.

Keep reading to find out which products from Garbo & Kelly are worth grabbing, especially while it’s starring as our RY Brand of the Month for October!

1. Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade ($25.60)

Every girl (or guy!) needs a go-to brow brand that truly does it all. Enter Garbo & Kelly! With multiple brow products and tools that’ll make your day-to-day grooming process a breeze, there’s an option for everyone, no matter which style you prefer. If the Insta-brow is your thing, we recommend the Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade. This creme formula can be easily applied using an angled brush (peep the Garbo & Kelly Brow Brush), and should help provide colour and keep any unruly hairs in place.

The variety of colours on offer makes finding your ideal shade simple. Once you’ve grabbed your new pomade, take a little on your brow brush and start by defining the tail with strokes in the same direction as your hairs. As you work towards the front, lighten up on the colour. For the hairs at the beginning of your brow, stroke upwards for that natural look. The creamy formula applies easily and has great staying power, meaning on-fleek brows all day long!

2. Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit ($56)

Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighting kit


Love a good glow? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit by Garbo & Kelly is one of the most talked-about products within the range, and for good reason–it’s an ideal, all-in-one ‘glow getter’. Perfect for toting with you on holidays or just for everyday use, it features six shades, four of which are sparkly and two which are matte. All housed in a handy palette with butterfingers-proof padding, Master of Illumination should be your new go-to for shimmer and radiance.

Dab a little of the matte shades under your eyes, using it to set liquid or cream concealers. They’re also perfect on the bridge of the nose, chin and any other brightened areas. Then, take a fan brush and sweep your favourite of the four shades on the tops of your cheekbones–or, mix and match by dipping into a few hues We’re loving on the shade ‘Ava‘ for a pearly, slightly pink-toned sparkle.

3. Garbo & Kelly Overnight Sensation Eyeshadow Palette ($56)

Garbo & Kelly Overnight Sensation Eyeshadow Palette @wellnessbykels[/caption]

If creating gorgeous, versatile eye looks is your thing, there’s no question about it–you desperately need this palette in your life! With 14 shades that range from subtle and shimmery to bold, smoky and vampy, you’ll have all the tools you need for endless combinations. A ton of beauty bloggers are loving on this one, including Sharon Farrell, Wellness by Kels and more. And why shouldn’t they be–it’s totally stunning! We could look at the beautiful packaging and shade range all day long…

Pick up a bold shadow such as Cosmo or Aurora to make a bright colour the focus of your look. Once you’ve placed that all over the lid, blend out using a transition colour such as Venus or Stella. Recreate Sharon’s look by switching out neutrals for jet black Nova, turning it into something eye-catching and entirely Halloween-ready.

4. Garbo & Kelly brow tools

Brows are definitely this year’s big thing, (as they were last year, too!) but keeping them looking fierce can be a task. Maintain your brows in ultimate style with Garbo & Kelly’s various brow tools, including stencils, tweezers and more. Beginners and time-pressed gals alike will adore the Garbo & Kelly Brow Stencils, which can be used to easily sketch out and define your brows, quick-smart! Simply pick out your perfect style, hold to the brow area and fill in using powder, pomade or a pencil.

Everyone needs a good pair of tweezers in their life, and although $40 may seem steep, we guarantee this’ll be the last time you drop $$ on them! Expertly crafted to tackle difficult-to-reach areas, as well as ingrown hairs and more, the Garbo & Kelly Cosmetic Tweezers are lead- and nickel-free for a super safe experience. Pluck those stubborn, unruly hairs for the cleanest and most beautiful brow ever! Plus, you can pair the stencil and the tweezers together for maximum precision.

5. Garbo & Kelly contour kits

Garbo & Kelly Instagirl Contour Kit Millennial Girl Contour Kit


The team over at Garbo & Kelly know what they’re doing when it comes to contouring, and they’re of the mindset that you can be too, no matter your skill level! First, pick your poison–are you a Millennial Girl or an Instagirl? Go for the former if you’re ready to work with entirely cream-based formulas, and will benefit from a few colour correcting shades. On the other hand, the latter may be more your speed if you’re into a combination of cream and powder! Plus, the Instagirl comes with a beautiful, peachy-pink blush shade.

Using your Garbo & Kelly blushes, contour after applying your foundation. Focus darker tones on the areas of the face you want to slim down or define, such as the cheekbones, sides of the nose and forehead. Then, go in with the brighter, lighter shades in areas you’re looking to highlight, including the tops of the cheeks, nose bridge and chin. If you’re using the Instagirl kit, make sure to apply cream formulas first, blending out for a seamless look. Then, use powders to accentuate further–or simply use one or the other on their own.

Don’t forget to stock up on your favourites from Garbo & Kelly throughout October, while it’s our RY Brand of the Month! Check out our offers page for information on deals and freebies you can snag. Plus, let us know what your most coveted product in the range is on Facebook or Twitter!



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