Fashionable Hair Colour 2014

Hot Hair Colours for 2014

Another year, another you.

Whether you’re a brunette bombshell, blonde beauty or currently rocking the rainbow tresses you first saw on Pinterest, this is your year to shine.

Below you will find some of the hottest colours around to inspire you; the truest trends from off the catwalk to what the celebrities and socialites are obsessing over and how they can work for you.

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that fashionable hair colour 2014 is sure to be all about big hair with bigger personality – and that’s why red tresses can be spotted virtually anywhere. Faultless for porcelain complexions, in-trend reds incorporate a wide palette ranging from the bold and daring scarlet to Nicole Kidman’s timeless, peachy take.

Nicole Kidman











Rose gold is said to be the new strawberry blonde. With a richer hue and dimension, the colour utilises Balayage techniques to stay natural and looks as absolutely breathtaking on Rachel McAdams as it would on anyone with a light or medium skintone and lighter eyes.












Close behind, sombré is the less dramatic yet equally enthralling variant of ombré. A more natural take, it looks great on brunettes, complements both cool and warm shades, and has been seen for a number of months on the likes of Natalie Portman.

natalie-portman-600x450 Hair









White Blonde (and Platinum) a colour whose popularity has been reinforced by fictional character Daenerys Targaryen, white blonde and its platinum alternative look amazing paired with cooler skin tones and dark brows.









The great thing about Balayage is that it works on anyone. Often used and described as an edgier version of highlights, Balayage is great for covering the several grey hairs that come out of nowhere or its personality can be downplayed for a softer, lower maintenance style on your current hair. It’s a colour that complements shorter hair styles, especially pixie cuts, without overloading them in a whitewash of bleach.

Velvety or iced brown locks featured heavily throughout the 2013/2014 Fall and Winter shows at Milan Fashion Week. A multi-tasker, the colour blends seamlessly with any eye and complexion combination making it brilliant for those new to dying or anyone seeking a classical look – think Mila Kunis or Anne Hathaway.











Want to keep most of your natural hair colour or possibly feel like a try before you buy? Look no further than dip-dying. Despite being big in 2012 and even more popular last year, this trend is still hot for the upcoming year with every colour imaginable available in single wash and semi-permanent varieties. Forgo the popular (yet outdated) belief that the look is age restricted and create shocking, powerful colour combinations like Jaime King or Jenna Marbles who, even in their 20’s and 30’s bring a punch of colour to their look with barely any effort.



Kylie Freeman

Kylie Freeman

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