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How to look after Greasy Hair

Limp, oily strands of hair are more than just unbecoming.  Greasy hair is very often a  problem that results as a natural buildup of scalp oil, or sebum.  All scalps need to produce a little bit of oil, which keeps hair moisturized and leads to healthy growth.  However, greasy hair strands attract more environmental dirt (even dead skin cells) more than any other type of “problem hair”.  If left unshampooed, the slippery sebum (a product of hair’s sebaceous glands) begin to coat the entire length of hair, causing each strand to separate.  Hair weighted down by excess dirt and oil can become nearly as uncontrollable as a dried-out, wild and frizzy mane, not to mention, its not the most attractive hair do going around!

What Can I Do to Prevent Oily Hair?
Looking after greasy hair is an ongoing process which consists of regular cleansing. All shampoos are designed to clean the hair, however some specialise in clarifying the scalp to not only remove excess oil from the hair, but also focus on maintaining a healthy scalp, that isn’t producing more sebum than necessary.

You should be shampooing every 2-3 days. Frequent or over shampooing will actually cause your scalp to product more oil, more quickly. Remember that the oil that your scalp produces is designed to maintain your scalp in optimum condition, therefore cleansing too frequently, will require it to produce more oil to replace what is being continuously washed away.

If you are experiencing oily hair regularly, then you can opt for a clarifying shampoo that are designed to remove excess oil. I love and recommend both the Redken Oil Detox Shampoo and KMS Head Remedy Clarify Shampoo

Many celebrities with perfect hair choose to “freshen up” in between traditional shampoos by using a multitasking water-free formula such as KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray.  This special dry shampoo styling spray sops up oil, adds instant bounce and contains grape and peppermint ingredients.  Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo is a 2-in-1 specialty product that works as a cleanser and volumizing styler; great for any hair length. This is a fantastic industry tip for those days where you don’t have the time to shampoo, or those in between shampoo days, you should always have a bottle handy!

Lay off the deep conditioner when it comes to oily hair — it will only add further buildup and attract more dirt to hair strands.  Stick to a light conditioner that is specially formulated for fine and/or greasy hair.  If you have oily roots, and extremely dry ends, and cant live with out your deep nourishing moisture treatment, focus the product only on your lengths, and don’t take it any higher than your ears.

Even the greasiest hair will benefit from a professional haircut.  The driest part of hair is the ends, which will most likely split (even on the oiliest strands).  Trimming regularly, along with clarifying, are the surest ways to bring your style back to looking its very best.

If you have any self learned tips and tricks to tackling Greasy Locks, feel free to share them with me.



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