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6 Tips on How to Care for Hair Extensions

If you’ve been thinking about getting Hair Extensions, you’re probably thinking about how much they’ll cost, how long they’ll last, how well they’ll blend in to your hair… All of these are questions worth thinking about. But if you know how to properly care for your hair extensions you’ll get your money’s worth out of them, your hair extensions will last longer, they won’t frizz or mat and will look just like your natural hair.

Here are 6 tips on caring for your Hair Extensions:

1. You must, must Brush! Hair Extensions 1

Brushing your Hair Extensions should become a regular part of your beauty routine. Using a soft bristle brush will help detangle the hair without damaging it. Be gentle with your extensions just because they aren’t attached to your head doesn’t mean you can go at them like you go at your grass with a rake. Start with the bottom section, untangling any knots before moving to the upper sections. This will prevent your hair extensions from becoming a frizzy, matted mess.

2. Very careful WashingHair Extensions 2

Washing your extensions isn’t necessary quite as often as your normal hair but this isn’t to say it isn’t necessary at all! Washing is a crucial part of  hair extension maintenance. Go easy, detangle as outlined in tip 1, then wet the extensions little by little and use a downward motion when shampooing and rinsing to prevent tangling. Invest in a good quality, natural or organic shampoo that will clean the hair without damaging it. Finish up with a wide tooth comb, but the key word is gentle.

3. Conditioning is KeyHair Extensions 3

Extensions don’t have the benefit of scalp oils moving down the hair shafts like your natural hair, so they need conditioning to keep the strands looking healthy and feeling soft. Don’t over do it. Our Ry haircare professionals recommend once a week, as too much conditioning can damage the hair and leave it looking dull and limp. Try a deep conditioner and leave it to really soak into the hair extensions for about an hour and then rinse off with cold water. A spray on conditioning treatment is a good, easy solution to add extra moisture and shine to your extensions.

4. Use Styling ProtectionHair Extensions 5

It is recommended that you let your extensions dry naturally, but if you’re short on time and patience (and who ins’t) you’re probably going to end up blow-drying them. And even if you don’t, you will want to style them along with your natural hair; straighten, curling etc. If you are blow-drying, make sure to use a low heat setting to dry the bonds/clips and surrounding area, to reduce shedding and breakage. Then continue to dry the rest of the hair as normal. To protect your extensions from constant heat styling, use a good heat protector. The Nak Heat Beat Protective Sealant contains proteins that will penetrate the hair shaft and forms a barrier against heat.

5. Store them somewhere Safe

When you’re not using your hair extensions be sure to lay them somewhere flat and air tight. There’s nothing worse then going through all the effort of detangling, washing and conditioning them and throwing them into a plastic bag, only go to use them next time and find them all knotted again. Then you have to start all over again! Here’s an insider tip: Put your extensions in a clothing protection bag and hang them in your closet with your clothes. Works a charm.

6. Tie them BackHair_Extensions_6

Don’t be a afraid to rock a pony tail with your extensions in. A low pony tail is ideal for sleeping as your extensions won’t get tangled during the night. A high pony tail works well for more vigorous activities such as exercising. Just ensure none of the bonds/clips are sticking out. No-one wants to see that weave girl.


If you’ve invested money into Hair Extensions, you’re going to want to get your value out of them. Look after your extensions and you will have them for a long time.

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