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How to treat acne at home

We might be stuck at home a lot more than we usually are at the moment, but even when you aren’t out in public, no-one wants fresh pimples or painful blemishes on their face and body. If you have acne, you know it’s far more than the odd spot – in many cases, acne can be painful, uncomfortable, and difficult to treat. Many different things can cause acne, but one of the most typical causes is hormonal changes and fluctuations, leading to those big monthly breakouts that don’t seem to ever go away.

Want to know how to treat acne at home? Read on for some of the top products and items on our list to make those blackheads go bye-bye, and those cysts vanish like magic:

How to treat blackheads

Blackheads are the most common blemish on most people’s skin, regardless of whether you have acne or not. Named for their dark colour, these clogged pores tend to be relatively flat on the skin, making them easier to cover up with makeup. Typically appearing in oily areas, especially around the chin, nose and t-zone, blackheads can often clear up on their own with proper treatment. However, try to resist the urge to go around squeezing them because it often only makes them worse! Here are our top picks for treating blackheads:

Mesoestetic Acne One 50ml

This dermatologically-tested treatment is designed to regulate sebum and unclog those blocked blackheads, as well as prevent breakouts before they happen. Use this daily to get rid of existing blemishes, and keep it on your skincare roster to keep them at bay in the long term.

Beauty ORA Facial Microneedle Roller System – Advanced Therapy 0.5mm

We wouldn’t recommend a roller during active breakouts, but if it’s just blackheads you’re struggling with, this tool from Beauty ORA could be a great addition to your routine. Reducing acne scarring and smoothing textures is what this beauty roller does best, making it excellent for acne-scarred or damaged skin.

How to treat whiteheads

We’ve all had the occasional whitehead. In this case, all that excess oil and sebum block up the pores below the skin – leading to the unsightly volcano-like appearance. Whiteheads come in all sizes, from small and barely-there to painful spots that hurt to the touch. Again, you want to resist the urge to pop or scratch at whiteheads. No matter how much you dislike them, introducing more bacteria to the area is far more likely to make them worse. With that in mind, here are some alternatives you could try:

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

If you’re a serial skin-picker, these pimple patches are exactly what you need for your whiteheads. These patches help acne heal overnight, with hydrocolloid to speed up the healing process and a barrier placed between your fingers and your blemish. Use them on active blemishes or just-emerging whiteheads for best results.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + Anti-Acne Moisturiser 40ml

This corrective moisturiser is designed specifically to prevent acne, as well as providing a formula to help lessen marks and imperfections as a result of past breakouts. Apply to your face in the mornings and evenings following cleansing for a clear, pimple-free complexion.

How to treat painful pimples

Clogged pores below the skin that don’t quite go through the whitehead process can lead to blemishes that are even more painful when they’re inflamed. These uncomfortable bumps under the skin are well-known to many acne sufferers, and they tend to stay as an ever-growing lump that gets tighter and redder over time. The best course of treatment is, of course, to prevent them in the first place – but if you have problems with painful pimples, in particular, these products might be the help you’re looking for:

Simplicite Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum 30ml

This powerful serum includes medicinal-grade plant extracts to help heal sore skin effectively and gently, while anti-bacterial properties stop bacteria from spreading and reduces pain and redness. Ideal for use following an exfoliation, this serum is designed to sink into the skin effortlessly for great results.

FOREO LUNA™ 3 for Sensitive Skin

Cleansing your face and ensuring thorough exfoliation with painful pimples can be a challenge. That’s where the FOREO LUNA 3 comes in, providing gentle yet effective cleansing with the minimum of damage. The sensitive model, in particular, is an excellent choice for active breakouts.

How to treat cysts!

The most severe form of acne is cystic acne, but whether you’ve had one cyst or hundreds, you likely know the telltale signs of these often-painful bumps. When inflamed, cysts can be painful – making it uncomfortable to touch or knock your face accidentally. Cysts that persist must be drained or treated medically, but if you often find yourself with minor cysts that go away over time, there are treatments out there to make the process go that little bit faster:

SkinB5 Extra Strength Acne Control Tablets x 120

These scientifically-formulated vitamins are designed to stop acne from within. A perfect addition to a proper skincare routine, these daily vitamins are extra-strength. They include Vitamins B5, A, Zinc, Folic Acid and Biotin to balance out your skin and make it healthier. As a supplement to skincare, these vitamins are well worth taking.

me Clear Anti-Blemish Acne Treatment Blue Light Device

Blue light treatments have proven to be highly effective against acne, with fast results that calm blemishes and cysts gently and easily. Aggravating cysts with harsh chemicals or exfoliation can lead to more harm than good, but this blue light can provide an effective way to kill bacteria on the skin to prevent all kinds of acne.

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