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Have You Gone Nutty: Macadamia Oil for Hair

It likely comes with no surprise that those with challenging hair are perpetually searching for the ultimate hair control product. Billions of dollars are spent every year as women unquestioningly invest their money on the newest, greatest thing. As a result, women who have frizzy, uncontrollable hair by nature (or by accident) generally have closets stuffed with useless products. Thankfully, the newest miracle seems to actually do what it’s supposed to. Delivering fantastic results on even the wiriest textures, macadamia nut oil for hair is becoming a must have for women everywhere.

Macadamia Oil: Essential Fatty Acids for your Hair

In the past, taming frizz and imparting softness invariably meant the use of silicones or mineral oil based products. It may have seemed to tame the hair for a while, but the build-up caused by these heavy ingredients ended up causing more harm than good. Mineral oil and silicone both sit on the surface of the hair, coating the shaft and making it impossible for it to absorb moisture. Even after shampooing, the build up from these products remains unless clarified with a special treatment. The result is hair that feels drier and more damaged than when it is left in its natural state.

Macadamia nut oils like Ry’s Macadamia Natural Oil Spray are one of the only oils that closely resemble human sebum. It is full of essential fatty acids making it almost the same as the oil our body naturally creates in order to keep our scalp soft and our hair even softer. If you have a naturally dry scalp or have damaged your hair chemically, you are most likely lacking these oils. Luckily, a quick application of macadamia natural oil replaces these lipids instantly, without weighing hair down. The oils sink into the follicles and scalp thereby actually moisturizing as opposed to merely giving an impression of softness. Women who use the oil report that this softness lasts until the hair is washed, without giving it a greasy, heavy look or attracting dirt.

Use Macadamia Oil Sparingly for Best Results

Using macadamia oil for hair requires a different technique than what many women are used to in styling products. Whereas classic frizz fighting products demanded the use of a large amount to get results, macadamia oil needs to be used sparingly. Women with very dry or damaged hair should apply a small amount of oil while the hair is still damp, being sure to comb it through carefully. It speeds up the drying time by 60% and will even protect your hair from heat damage if you choose to use your blow dryer. Once dry, some women spray a small amount on their hands and then smooth the ends or any fly-aways. The softness of your macadamia nut hair will last all day, protecting your colour from UV and luring people in with its touchable shine.

The right product can revolutionize the way your do your hair, saving you time and money on useless products. If you have suffered with a lifetime of bad hair days or ritually abuse your hair in the name of fashion, adding macadamia oil for hair to your beauty arsenal is essential.

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