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The Secrets to Applying Makeup Like a Professional

It’s no secret that the right cosmetics can transform any woman’s appearance. However, it’s not just the latest products and designer colours that make the difference. Applying makeup like a professionally should be just as much a part of every woman’s ‘feminine arsenal ‘ as the perfect red lipstick. Learn the secrets here!

Your Skin is your Canvas

Learning how to apply makeup professionally will make a massive difference in your appearance but no matter how gorgeous the application is, makeup looks terrible on troubled skin. You wouldn’t paint on a torn canvas, would you? Before you apply anything to your face, ensure it is exfoliated and moisturized properly so your products ‘melt’ into your skin and do their intended job rather than sweltering on the surface.

Your Colours are Crucial

Bad colours will make even the prettiest of faces look lifeless. In the same way that the colour spectrum is divided into warm and cool tones, so are skin tones. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist for the best indication of where your particular tone falls. If the veins are blue you will look your best in cool tones such as grey, purple, forest green and ruby red. If your veins are greenish, you will be radiant in warm tones like coral, brown, cream or brick. Don’t be afraid to use your opposite tone to create drama for special occasions, but be sure to utilise only complimentary tones for your ‘everyday’ face.

Cheap Brushes will Create a Cheap Look

Picture this: you find the perfect tea-beige lip colour. Excited, you put it on straight out of the tube, check the mirror and are almost instantly deflated. Why doesn’t it look right? If you want precision and perfect blends, you will have to spend money on quality brushes. The important thing is to look for bristles that are soft and pliable, but still a bit firm. This will ensure that the product will be taken up and distributed evenly for the best look.

Remember: Practise Makes Perfect!

If you are serious about learning how to apply makeup professionally you have to make a commitment to making mistakes. No one is born with an innate ability to whip up instant glamour with some blush and mascara. You need to sit in front of your mirror at least once a day and experiment. Look up tutorials online, read books and refer to magazines and web sites like ours for make up application tips to create more challenging looks.

Before  they can rightfully call themselves professionals, makeup artists need to apply and reapply literally thousands of products to hundreds of faces – learning through sweat and tears how to apply makeup properly. Happily, most of them are pleased to pass along this information, helping even the clumsiest of women to apply makeup properly. You will probably have more than one failed experiment but rather than giving up, wash it off and start again – after all, it’s all powder and illusion and it is meant to be fun. Enjoy!

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