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Napoleon Perdis Stroke Of Genius Review


As a Beauty Editor, my desk space is always swamped with beauty products scattered haphazardly across my keyboard. I’m surprised I can even type amongst the mess! What this means is that I have the often lustworthy task of trialling the latest and greatest gizmos in the beauty world; foundations, moisturisers, fragrances, lipsticks and quirky contraptions are all part of the job. What it also means, is that I’m able to sniff out a top notch, high quality product from a mile away. Enter: Napoloen Perdis Stroke Of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation and we have ourselves a primping winner!

Napoleon Stroke of Genius Foundation

When I first got my paws on this built-in foundation brush, I was sceptical. I’ve tried something very similar in the past (thou shalt not name brands) and was incredibly disappointed with the overall effect it had on my complexion. This little beauty, on the other hand, is a serious game changer and wipes its competition completely out of the water. Why? Read on…


Aside from the slick, sophisticated black and gold packaging, this easy-to-apply liquid foundation is characterised by a built-in brush with feather-soft bristles that dispense just the right amount of product across the face. You simply twist the brush to access the liquid foundation which seeps into the brush and then apply it directly to the skin and buff the formula in until fully blended. Once you’re finished, you twist back into place and pop on the lid. Too easy.

Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius

The formula itself is magical indeed. Soft-focus spheres help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (I call them ‘friendly fillers’), while lift-diffusing technology amps up the radiance and dials down darkness for an insanely smooth finish. The best part is that it’s paraben, oil and gluten free so you don’t need to worry about any pesky ingredients tampering with your skin health. Better yet, green tea leaf, Japanese knotweed root extracts and Vitamins C and E provide the ultimate dose of antioxidants for a glowing visage and SPF20 provides ample sun protection, making it perfect for daily wear.


Once applied to my entire face, the coverage was simply flawless without looking caked on. I’d say it sat between semi-sheer to medium, but definitely buildable to full coverage.

Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius

The finish was creamy, and satiny, reminiscent of the velvety-smooth ‘cashmere-like’ complexions seen on recent runways and I loved how seamless it appeared on my skin, instantly concealing blemishes and redness and allowing my face to look luxuriously smooth, soft and supple.

The bristles of the brush fit perfectly with contours of the face, allowing for easy blending on tricky parts like around the nostrils and hairline.

Did it last? Not as well as some of my other heavy-duty foundations, but I did get several hours of solid wear out of it, and I wasn’t wearing primer underneath which would have definitely made a difference. The fact that I can store this in my handbag and whip it out for convenient touch ups outweighs its longevity.


For any girl who is a little prone to a ‘rushed’ makeup job and loves a good double-duty-beauty product, this is definitely for you. It makes foundation application bearable, quick and super enjoyable and the flawless finish, creamy-smooth coverage and skin-loving ingredients are all part of the fun!

Available here below RRP of $60 to $51


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James Patten

James Patten

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