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What’s The Cause For Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Dark circles under eyes can be a huge source of frustration, particularly when you can’t identify the root of the problem and all the home remedies listed online just aren’t working. Here are five dark circles eye causes that can help you identify what you need to do to have clearer, more attractive eyes.

Try to Get More Sleep!

Usually, the most likely reason for eyes dark circles is a lack of sleep, or at least, that’s generally the first conclusion people come to. A lack of sleep will make the skin appear pale or flushed, which allows blood capillaries to be more visible through the thin skin under the eye, giving the appearance of dark circles, not unlike a bruise.

It Runs in the Family

Like any variation in physical features, having dark circles under your eyes can be simply hereditary and many individuals have reported that this seems to be the case. If you find that most suggested cures don’t seem to be working, then it might be just something you have to live with. Thankfully, there are a myriad of means which can be utilised to disguise them; from makeup to concealing creams. ms.

Some Skin is More Thin

The skin under the eyes is very thin and fragile. As people become older, the skin and fat under their eyes becomes even thinner, resulting in more noticeable blood vessels. Additionally, losing a lot of weight in a short period of time can speed up this process. Excessive exposure to sunlight can also weaken and further thin out the skin underneath your eyes.

Lack of Iron in Your Diet

Iron is required in your system to produce haemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the blood cells. In the case of dark circles, doctors will often suggest to increase your iron intake. If you have dark circles, you may have low iron levels, which can lead to iron deficiency anaemia. However, dark circles alone do not indicate iron deficiency anaemia, but they may be the first symptom of a much larger issue. Try consuming food with higher iron content before seeing a doctor

Poor Habits and Other Medical Issues

Excess sodium intake and smoking cigarettes are common causes of dark circles as they cause blood vessels under the eyes to become dilated and swollen as a result of fluid retention. Medical conditions that cause fluid retention such as kidney or liver diseases may also be a factor. Try cutting back on salt and nicotine before you see a doctor though to see if the dark circles clear up.

Conclusion: Dark Circles are Irritating but Manageable

Overall, dark under eye circles are irritating, but manageable. As mentioned before, if you cannot find a natural solution, there are plenty of concealing creams and powders on the market to help you. Putting cucumbers on your eyes is a classic home remedy for dark circles, so it is worth an effort as well.

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