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4 easy steps on how to use Eye Serums

Brighten up your eyes this summer!

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of the body; the eyes stand out and can make your skin look much more refreshed and healthy. The brighter your eyes the brighter you! Eye creams address puffiness/redness under eyes, prevent wrinkles and fight the signs of ageing. Before you start using an eye cream there are some important facts to know and steps to take. Please see below for some simple steps you can take to have brighter and better eyes:

Step 1: Choose the best eye cream, check the ingredients, and make sure they are all suitable for your skin type. Look for higher quality eye creams and make sure they have active ingredients that will fight off the signs of ageing and wrinkles.

Step 2: Make sure your skin is extremely clean. Wash it with a good cleanser and make sure all your leftover make up, oil etc. is off. This will result in a better outcome and help the ingredients sink in to your skin and really target the affected area.

Step 3: Apply the eye cream with either a cotton bud or one of your fingers. When doing so, make sure your hands are clean so no germs are getting onto the face. When applying the cream, make sure you target the correct areas; be gentle and dot the cream around your eye area, underneath your eyes, above your eye lid and underneath your eye brow bone. Dab the area for about 30 seconds after and make sure it has all been covered.

Step 4: Keep it consistent! If you really want the eye cream to work, you need to keep it up and do it once or twice a day. The best time to put the cream on is in the morning when you wake up, before you put on your makeup, or in the evening after you have washed your face.


Here is a list of RY’s BEST eye serums that will really target your unwanted lines and wrinkles and give you the glowing skin you have been waiting for:


This eye serum is enriched with powerful but natural ingredients which will help weaken the effects of ageing and sleepiness around the area of the eyes.





Guinot has brought in an all time favourite eye serum for RY customers designed to specifically target the skin around the eyes.




A light soothing cream-gel with a rejuvenating yet moisturising texture. Clarins have enriched this serum with an intensive formula of decongestant, firming and skin-smoothing ingredients.


James Patten

James Patten

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