Bumps on my arms… Keartosis Pilaris?

How do you get KP?

Many factors can cause Keratosis Pilaris including:

Blocked or clogged up hair follicles. Normally the dead skin cells on our skin fall off and are replaced by new healthy ones. As we get older this cellular turnover process slows down rapidly. As a result the dead skin cells can build up and clog hair follicles. Keratin an ingredient that makes up hair and skin can also block follicles. These blockages will result in small, impacted bumps, which create a rough, sandpaper-like texture on the skin with small white bumps often under the skin. These small bumps are most commonly seen on the back of the arm. The small bumps are not likely to be painful but can be a real pain.

By trying to avoid hot baths, cold weather, synthetic fibres, you can go some way to alleviating the condition. Currently there is no known cure for Keratotsis Pilaris, But buy using good skin care you can treat flare ups and smooth away the bumps. A bonus to remember is that this condition often goes away on its own with age. Kp flare ups have been linked to during puberty and while woman are pregnant. This is most likely due to the increase in hormones in the body

Our top tips for treating Keratosis Pilaris are.

Exfoliating : lightly scrub the affected area in circular motion while showering. If the bumps are on your arms,
After exfoliating, clean with a rich moisturiser that does not clog pores (i.e. use one recommended for dry skin because it should be moisturizing)

Apply lotion creams that contain lactic compound and Bha. Apply to the area after you get out of the shower. The best lotions to use are lotions designed. Apply the lotion twice a day for best results. MD Formulations Vit-A Plus Clearing Complex this complex also contains 5% Salicylic acid that is also used to treat acne.

Try adding a humidifier to your room if you live in a particularly dry area.

You may not be able to cure KP, but sticking to a dedicated skincare regimen can treat the irritating signs of this common condition. Proper care can control KP symptoms, leaving your skin smooth, and virtually bump-free.

James Patten

James Patten

Writer and expert