2000s Beauty Trends We Predict Will Make a Comeback

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘what goes around, comes around’, and boy, does it apply to beauty trends. Case in point: the 90s revival we’ve seen play out on big time models and actresses in past years. Now that we’re fringing on 2020, though, the “20-year loop” means that 2000s beauty trends are on their way in. Scared yet?

2000s Beauty Trends We Predict Will Make a Comeback

From mini sunglasses to crimped hair, 2000s beauty trends have already begun to creep in, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep on reading to discover which early noughties looks are bound to make a comeback on runways, magazine covers and the Insta feeds of your fave celebs and influencers, ASAP.

Glitter Everywhere

2000s Beauty Trends Glitter Christina Aguilera

If you asked us when glitter was discovered, our answer is definitely the 2000s — at least, you’d think so with the amount every celeb would slather on for a red carpet event! With festival looks a massive trend in 2018, we’re sure glitter is here to stay. It’s already had quite the moment on the eyes, featuring in gorgeous cut crease looks all over social media.

Tap into your inner Drew Barrymore or Paris Hilton by being liberal with the glitter — pop it on your lids, cheeks, all over your body and, of course, sprinkle a little in your hair. It’s the perfect trend to bring back, especially as the mid-year festival season looms!

Crimped Hair

2000s Beauty Trends Crimped Hair Britney Spears

We all remember the days of excessively crimped locks, which were a staple on our fave Disney shows and teen movies (Lizzie McGuire, anyone?). Ideal for a range of hair types and colours, it seemed that everyone in the 2000s rocked something crimped. This trend is definitely on the rise, to the point where some of the hottest hair tool brands have thrown back to the 00s, introducing quality crimpers to their product mix.

You don’t have to crimp every strand to work this trend into your rotation in 2018 — think outside of the box a little! Crimped ponytails are a fun twist, as are crimped sections gathered into space buns or ponies. We’ve seen celebs including Ariana Grande and Beyonce dip into crimping recently, so there’s a solid chance we’ll all be rocking this look in the next year or two.

Colourful Eyeshadow

2000s Beauty Trends Coloured Eyeshadow Ashlee Simpson

The 2000s saw our fave celebs going wild and colourful with their makeup looks, which is a far cry from today’s neutral eyeshadows and muted lipstick. In particular, brightly coloured eyeshadow was huge — from ice blue to bright yellow, Barbie pink and everything in between!

We’ve seen bold hues make a comeback with the rise of social media makeup tutorials, where MUAs get creative with their looks, but it’s time to fully revive the bright eyeshadow trend of the early 00s. Grab your best set of makeup brushes and a few of your favourite shades and get to creating! We love concentrating a neon hue in the inner corner to revive an otherwise-simple look, or going all-out with a bold colour on the lid, diffusing gently with nude shades.

Of course, a super easy way to incorporate a pop of colour is to rim the lower lash line a la Ashlee Simpson above…maybe skip the bad fake tan, though.

Brick Red Lipstick

2000s Beauty Trends Brick Red Lipstick Christina Aguilera

Although we saw a myriad of lip colours on display back in the 2000s, brick red was definitely an early 00s beauty staple. From Xtina to Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson and all your other fave fashion icons, this warm, slightly brown brick red shade was paired with every look under the sun (including barely-there brows, it seems). It makes sense, though — this kind of colour is wearable on most skin tones, and packs a punch without being intensely bold like bright red or pink.

Swap out your true brown, 90s lip colours for a brick red shade this winter — it’s the perfect time to go deeper with your lipstick choices. Make sure you top it off with an ample helping of gloss to truly channel 2000s beauty vibes. Try the shade Minx from Illamasqua for the perfect brick red shade.

Frosty Hues

2000s Beauty Trends Christina Milian Frosty Makeup

Of course, we couldn’t mention our fave 2000s beauty trends without touching on those frosty shades seen on lips and eyelids at every single red carpet event. We’re talking icy blues, pastel pinks and shiny silvers. Christina Milian is simultaneously wearing frosty white-blue eyeshadow and pink lips in the above pic, giving us peak 2002 feels. Instead of going all-out, though, channel this trend into the new decade by pairing with a nude lip or eye look to balance things out.

And, for good measure, here are a few 2000s beauty trends we PRAY don’t ever resurface. Seriously, these are so bad, there’s nothing we want more than to leave them in the past.

Skinny Brows

2000s Beauty Trends Drew Barrymore Skinny Brows

One of our favourite modern trends is the bushy brow, so you can imagine how much we despise those awful, over-plucked brows you’ll spot on any 2000s TV show. Put down the tweezers and let your natural brows reign. If you ruined your brows around the turn of the millennium, invest in a growth serum that will ensure they start to look lush again. And don’t even get us started on sperm brows…

Orange Fake Tan

2000s Beauty Trends Paris Hilton Bad Fake Tan

The 2000s were a time filled with vaguely inappropriate fake tan disasters that saw milky white complexions turned a violent shade of Oompa Loompa orange.

We can boil this down to cheap, badly formulated tanning products that (*fingers crossed*) no longer exist, so it’d be a long shot that this trend reared its ugly head again. Stick to quality tans like Bondi Sands and Loving Tan to keep this disaster firmly grounded in 2002.

Mismatched Lipstick and Liner

2000s Beauty Trends Alicia Keys Lip Liner

Finally, the last trend we hope never resurfaces is the tragedy that is mismatched lipstick and lip liner. It wasn’t uncommon to see celebs use a deep red or brown lip liner to sketch out their lips, then filling in with an ultra-light pink shade. Not only did it make you look as if you were clueless about makeup, it didn’t do much for plumping your pout.

Instead of dredging this trend back up, revamp it a bit by finding a lip liner that close to matches your desired lip colour. Although it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’ll pay off to pick something similar! Make sure to feather the liner inwards as well to avoid any stark contrast.

Will you be resurrecting any of these iconic 2000s beauty trends? Or, perhaps you never let go of one — let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

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