History of Famous Hairstyles: The Last 50 Years


A look at the history of famous hairstyles throughout the last 50 years. Which icon’s style do you believe stands out or up the most?

Victoria Beckham

Classic yet modern, the Victoria Beckham bob has spawn many copycats over the years. Not just in the real world, but celebrities like Rihanna and Katie Holmes have all dabbled in this edgy short cut. The asymmetrical neck line highlights the sexy and framing structure of the cut and is easy and manageable to style from the front.

Victoria Beckham (2)

Justin Bieber

The Justin Bieber haircut is a long men’s styled hairstyle. Layered hair that is cut and rounded around the face, with heavy bangs covering the forehead. The Justin Bieber is a helmet-like cut that includes long, side-brushed bangs. Don’t forget, you’ll need to get the famous hair-flip under wraps and you’ll be on the right track to becoming an absolute lady killer!

Justin Bieber (1)
Jennifer Aniston

The hair every woman wanted – “The Rachel”. After winning the role of Rachel on Friends in the 90s, the actress caused a hair phenomenon in 1995 when she donned her new haircut. A bouncy, square, feathered-layered hairstyle. Long with long gradual layers at the front and back and layers that go up only three inches from the ends. Swingy movement without bulk, this is a natural hair style, for comfort, edge and good for the long term.Jennifer Aniston (2)

Brad Pitt

 A sort of medium pompadour style, with the hair left long in the back and not tapered. In Fight Club, Brad Pitt sports a spiky/faux messy hair style. The kind of style you can do with your natural hair oils, after not having showered in a few days. Unevenly layered and choppy, to put it plain and simple. Whatever was actually used to style this cut, was made to look very natural in texture, which gives the illusion that nothing was used. 

Brad Pitt (2)


It was the 80s. Hair was big and messy and Madonna wore hers as one of the most iconic looks from the decade. Girls went to the salons in droves to get the poodle looking perms so they had Madonna’s vogue-phase hairstyles too. You can imitate her most well-known hairstyles by dying your hair bleach blonde and then getting a perm. Pull up some of your hair in a funky ponytail on top of your head, and tease your waves.Madonna (2)

Farrah Fawcett

Before there was The Rachel there was the Farrah. When she starred on Charlie’s Angels her feathered mane inspired millions. An understated hair flip, and short layers around the face make this look. What made this cut different and popular was that it wasn’t full on top. It was flatter and the Farrah part was the edges, which went flipping back. Long cut and moving away from the face the actress wrote her legacy in hairspray. A feminine and genius look for long hair.Farrah Fawcett (2)

Michael Jackson

The evolution of Michael Jackson’s afro. MJ began with the beginnings of an afro in his early fame years. African hair naturally grows this way, His hair was combed and packed in neat. Second stage MJ’s hair looked thick and healthy, it was the early 70s and the Black Power Movement was in. Wearing a natural ‘fro was seen as supporting social change. Lastly, the crown afro. MJ’s crown afro was the king of all ‘fro’s and would have swallowed the smaller afros worn by his brothers.
Michael Jackson (2)


A boyishly short haircut, she rocked a mod, very unique pixie/glamour look. This style is worn mostly in a smooth, simple side part, worn behind the ears. Simple yet affective. But a warning, keep in mind this hair style is suited to a particular bone structure and is not for everyone. If you have a fringe, wear your fringe down. The whole point is to not try so hard.Twiggy (2)


Simple astounding. Elvis Presley’s hair is probably the most famous hairstyle of all time. and the King of Rock’s music is not all he’s left behind. His dark do supposedly sold for $4160 at a celebrity memorabilia auction! A really slick hairstyle. This style is combed sideways and back so it stands and makes the forehead completely visible. A couple of tubs (or so) of gel on your hair so the look stays nice and smooth (and shiny). The ladies loved it and the men loved it too. Elvis (2)

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