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If you haven’t smelt the amazing aroma’s that are MOR Cosmetics then you don’t know you’re your missing out on! The amazing smells such as Kale and Watercress and Marshmallow can be smelt across the room, and are nothing short of devine.

MOR is proudly Australian company, and is now recognised globally for its range of innovative, luxurious pampering body care and lifestyle products.

The philosophy behind MOR is to provide a personalised sensory journey. They aim to awaken and titillate your senses, through creating a memorable pampering experience from the visual packaging to the product offerings, and oh boy do they succeed! mor candle

MOR is the result of collaboration between Australian designers Dianna Burmas and Deon St.Mor. The pair joined creative forces in 1988, opening their first design studio on a trendy Melbourne cobblestone laneway. Dianna and Deon’s common passion for travel, fashion, food and the arts was quickly evident in ther initial product releases which included contemporary homewares and soft furnishings as well as experimental categories such as perfumery and aromatherapy. The two were instantly intrigued with the endless possibilities of new fragrances and blending age old and contemporary ingredients, thus providing a new avenue to explore in their evolving design direction.

Today MOR products combine the duo’s aesthetic and holistic design philosophy, and are presented in covetable packaging admired by customers and the beauty industry alike. With a catalogue of more than 150 products to die for, MOR is available across the globe from savvy beauty and lifestyle stores, through to destination spas and department stores. They continue to refine and devoleope collections with great care and pride, to continually capture the essence of luxury and well being.

What emerged was a line of candles, soaps, fragrances, and bath products that are delightfully packaged and deliciously scented (kale and watercress, marshmallow, pistachio, lychee). But these aren’t just for show: the 500-item line is created in Australia and has a cult-y following rumored to include two people with cult followings all their own, Oprah and Barbra Streisand. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott actually requested MOR stock the bathrooms in their bed and breakfast — a request the company happily obliged!

My favourite flavour is certainly the Lychee Flower. It is sweet, without the sickly aroma. Be sure to buy your MOR Cosmetics from and SAVE 10%.

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