Mr Volpato curates new mens grooming product range – Xmas ideas for him!

On November 10th, launched a brand new Men’s Grooming  products range targeted towards the modern man curated by non other than Marco Volpato, otherwise known as male style blogger Mr. Volpato. The new line of male products will include cleansers, moisturisers, razors, shaving accessories, travel bags, kits, cologne and a range of beard grooming tools as well as other manly products selected by the gentleman’s blogger.

The biggest online beauty and hair care store just got bigger with over 2000 products added in the past 2 months! Marco and the team at Ry are very much looking forward to launching the new line of carefully curated  mens grooming products.Brands such as Bluebeards Revenge, Baxter of California, and Anthony Logistics along with other trendy names.


Bluebeards Revenge 




Baxter of California


Anthony Logistics


Truefitt & Hill


Ry speaks with Marco about the new grooming section as well his own grooming habits


Q: Hello Marco! has enlisted you as their curator and the face of the new men’s grooming section, launching November 10th. Tell us your thoughts on the new grooming section dedicated to men and why we should get excited?

A: Where do I start! This is something I’m ecstatic to take part in. Those that follow my blog know I always stress the importance of having an impeccable grooming regime. The first thing I tell my readers to do it to get rid of any poor quality products. You could have the best grooming habits in the world, but if you’re using sub-standard products you’ll only be doing yourself harm.

Guys should honestly treat the products they are buying as an investment, because at the end of the day, that’s what they are! The more you invest in great products, the higher the return. Maintaining your appearance is truly the easiest way for you to improve your social prospects and gain confidence. The best doesn’t always mean the most expensive, and this fact is reflected in the products I’ve curated for One of my core principals is to only ever recommend products that I would use myself, and I couldn’t be happier with the products that are part of this collection!


Q: Your online blog ‘Mr. Volpato’ is a great place for men to get info on all things style, grooming, women and life in general. When and why did you start your blog and how did you come up with the name Mr. Volpato?

A: The name was something that came to me quite easily, as MR VOLPATO is really just a shorter version of my full name, Marco Roberto Volpato!

As for the blog itself, It all started when I created a blog on Tumblr called “MR VOLPATO – The Gentleman’s Blog”. This was early 2013, and after about a month or so it became quite popular. I started getting emails from men with questions like “what do I wear”. As the blog continued to grow, these questions went from “what do I wear” to “what do I do”.

It was at this point that I thought, you know what, it’s called the gentleman’s blog, why don’t I start addressing all the aspects that make up a gentleman! So I migrated to my own website, continued to write about style, but also started writing about grooming, manners, etiquette, confidence and eventually women. Turns out that was a great decision and I haven’t looked back since!


Q: What is your current personal style and does this usually change from season to season?

A: Well I’ve always been drawn towards the grace with which Italians wear their clothes. People often say ‘sprezzatura’ (or artful dishevelment) comes naturally to Italians, but it’s quite the opposite. These gentlemen take great pride in their appearance and put in an immense amount of time and effort to present themselves impeccably every day. The difference is how they wear it. Here’s a quote by Hardy Aimes that I feel embodies the notion of ’sprezzatura’ perfectly.

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”

If I had to give my style a name, I guess it would be a mix of the Florentine & Neapolitan styles.


Q: A lot of men have finally taken up the initiative to take care of their skin, why do you think they have started now? And what is your advice for those who have not yet started taking care of such a delicate asset?

A: Historically, there seemed to be a social stigma attached to men who took personal grooming seriously, and I think men have now realized how senseless that notion was. My advice for those that haven’t started yet would be to simply give it a go and invest a little time in finding what’s right for you. Taking care of your skin & sticking to a general grooming regime isn’t hard to do, and the benefits it brings are invaluable.


Q: What is the biggest mistake you think men are making when it comes to style and grooming?

A: I think the biggest mistake men make is to assume that it takes a ton of effort to dress well & stay well groomed. Buying clothes or grooming products shouldn’t be seen as a chore or an annoyance. The problem is that most men are lazy! They can’t be bothered searching the web for some nice gear and end up waiting until the Boxing Day sales to finally update their wardrobe. The best personal investment I’ve ever made was investing in some quality attire and taking my grooming regime seriously. For clothing, my advice would be to start slowly building your wardrobe one piece at a time. You’ll end up with a timeless collection of clothes and look great no matter what you throw on. Clothes say a lot about the man wearing them. For grooming, it’s much the same! Start with any of the products from the collection on and find what works best for you.


Q: Tell us about your skincare routine?

A: I have a few staple products that I use on a regular basis:

• Face Wash: 2x Daily

• Daily Moisturizer (Spf 30): 1x Daily, In The Morning.

• Night Moisturizer: 1x Daily, Before Bed.

• Toner: Every 2 – 3 Days.

• Scrub: 1x Weekly.


Q: It has become such the norm to shop online, what are your go to online stores?

A: At the moment I like SSENSE, Matches Fashion & Barneys. However, seeing as though you asked, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to announce that I’m launching a new online menswear store called The Rogue Movement! Essentially men will be able to shop the finest menswear stores from around the globe and have their order delivered to their door in 3-5 days. We’re launching soon, so if it interests anyone they can head to to sign up and we’ll notify them when we launch! I know, shameless plug, but this is something I’m incredibly proud to be a part of and I think others will love it too.

As for grooming… my choice is obvious!


Q: Finally, which male celebrity do you think needs a little help when it comes to style and grooming?

A: Hmm I’d have to say David Guetta? I really don’t know because I don’t follow celebrities all that much to be honest! Alternatively, two celebrities I think we could all learn a thing or two from would be Johannes Huebl and Tinie Tempah. These guys are up there with the best!



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