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We Tried the Philosophy Moisturiser With a Cult Following

Ever bought a beauty product just because your favourite celeb or a whole lot of beauty Instagrammers talked it up? Yeah, us too — it’s hard not to when Oprah is singing the praises of a hot new skincare essential. This cult-fave Philosophy moisturiser is no different, so we set out to discover whether it was really worth all the hype.

We Tried the Philosophy Moisturiser With a Cult Following

We’re talking about the Renewed Hope in Jar Moisturiser, one of Philosophy’s bestselling (and most raved-about) formulas. With a seal of approval from Ms Winfrey herself, this product claims to ‘refresh’ and ‘refine’ the skin no matter what kind of complexion you’re dealing with. Keep on reading to find out the low-down on this celebrated Philosophy moisturiser.

What are its features?

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturiser

Renewed Hope in a Jar is a new-and-improved reformulation of an original Philosophy moisturiser, Hope in a Jar. The new formula boasts a huge range of benefits, working to not only hydrate the complexion, but tackle concerns like skin ageing and dullness. Here’s a quick overview of its key features:

  • uses proven skin renewal technology to encourage fast and effective cell turnover, resulting in a clearer and more youthful-looking complexion
  • Asian fruit extract works to give your skin an enviable glow
  • a blend of three key hydrating and exfoliating AHAs deliver moisture that lasts
  • lightweight, whipped formula leaves skin feeling fresh and never greasy or heavy

Who’s it for?

Philosophy moisturiser Renewed Hope in a Jar

One of the best features of this Philosophy moisturiser is that it can work for a huge range of skin types and ages. We’ve broken it down by skin concerns so you can see how it’ll work in your routine.

Acne-prone or oily: Renewed Hope in a Jar is ultra-light and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or add to the greasy feeling you may sometimes experience. It’ll ensure your skin stays hydrated without ever overwhelming it.

Dry: Despite being light, though, it still delivers a punch of hydration to the skin. Dry types will adore this moisturiser as it restores that moisture balance long after you apply it, absorbing deep into the skin’s layers.

Dull: Key radiance-boosting ingredients are at work within this Philosophy moisturiser, making it a go-to if you experience a lot of dullness. Say hello to brighter, glowing skin within just a few days of adding this baby into your routine.

Hyperpigmented: Optimal skin cell turnover is important if you want to eradicate pigmentation spots, so the AHAs in this moisturiser will help encourage a healthy, even complexion in time. Pair it with products tailored at hyperpigmented skin — the Philosophy Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating Wash is a great everyday formula.

Mature: If you’re worried about the signs of physical ageing, Renewed Hope in a Jar can help you retain that youthfulness you desire. It refines the skin, working gently at fine lines and wrinkles, and efficient hydration is always beneficial for mature skin.

The Renewed Hope range

Philosophy moisturiser Renewed Hope in a Jar range

Now that you’re convinced about Renewed Hope in a Jar (TBH, the brand had me at Oprah) it’s time to discover the whole Renewed Hope range. Perhaps the brand’s most universal product line, in the sense that absolutely everyone can benefit, there’s more than just a cult-fave moisturiser to the range.

Try the Renewed Hope in a Jar Night moisturiser for accelerated benefits while you sleep — it’s essentially like the day moisturiser stepped up a notch. If your skin is particularly dry, you may find you need something a little more potent than the original formula, so we’d recommend opting for the Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry for added hydration.

Does your under eye area need a little TLC? Give the Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye a go to smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness and tackle dark circles. There’s also the Renewed Hope Hydrating Mask for those days where skin’s feeling worse for wear, and the Renewed Hope in a Jar Revitalising Creamy Foam Cleanser for a little rejuvenation on the day-to-day.

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