Vidal Sassoon Products in Australia

VS Sassoon is a brand familiar to almost anyone who cares about their hair, right? VS Sassoon promotes salon perfect hair, at home. If you’ve had your hair done top to bottom at the beauty parlour, then you know what I’m talking about – pure bliss hanging off your head to put it mildly.

But Vidal Sassoon is so much more than a few electrical appliances in the bathroom cupboard. Here’s an FYI on the history of Vidal Sassoon and how his name came to fall into a small cabinet drawer near you.

Sassoon is a hairdressing icon and famous British figure for the global hairdressing industry. Born in 1928, he began his hairdressing journey and business success in the heart of London, during the swinging 60s. Sassoon initiated his role in the hairdressing industry, devoted to change. His passion made famous hairstyles like the Geometric, the Five Point Cut, the Nancy Kwan, the Wash-and-Wear Perm and the timeless Asymmetric Bob – which is today his most well-known contribution to the hairdressing world.

Sassoon quickly made himself different from the rest using his unique cuts to defined his own pristine style. Often short and angular, his cuts were angular and sharp – much like his original 1963 Bob Cut. Sassoon’s cuts were often considered severe, as they were based on organic designs, which allowed the hair to fall naturally and easily into its designed shape. These hairstyles relied only on the hairs natural shine for their finishing effect, and often no products were used. These cuts were a expression of passion to Sassoon but quickly initiated both a change in the hairdressing industry and eventually the career and success of Vidal Sassoon himself.

The hairstyles and haircuts of Vidal Sassoon were all designed to establish and accomplish low maintenance and ease – but with fierce sheerness, of course. Modern and edgy, this made his style the commercial force behind the hairstyling revolution that became salon perfect hair at home and opened an entirely new industry to be driven to success.

Sassoon’s hair styles lead to a rise in both business and status as a influential game maker in a commercial market. Sassoon made his name known in the industry and was seen as a craftsman and entrepreneur, quickly turning himself into the name of a multi-million dollar company within a multi-million dollar industry. By the beginning of the early 1980s, after moving to the US, Sassoon sold his name to the manufacturers of haircare products and the multinational Procter & Gamble.

Today, the brand Vidal Sassoon is known in electrical haircare appliances as VS Sassoon and the philosophy stands today… The products will replicate salon perfect hair that we can all achieve in front of our mirrors at home.

We here at sell VS Sassoon products and are a big believer in their uses at home to replicate salon quality hair quality and care. Products range from hot rollers, precision trimmers for men, dryers, straighteners, curlers, wavers and clippers for men. The product is affordable and the possibilities are endless. Given the history of Vidal Sassoon himself and the generation of the name and products developed into the hairdressing industry. We definitely recommend VS Sassoon to our clients.


“Hair is nature’s biggest compliment and the treatment of this compliment is in our hands. As in couture, the cut is the most important element… haircutting simply means design and this feeling for design must come from within.”







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