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6 Skincare products to help your skin survive the winter

Winter is almost among us, which means apart from transitioning our wardrobe from thongs to scarves, it’s also time to transition what we put on our skin, too. Whether your skin is in dire need of a pick-me-up or you’re simply looking to pamper it, we’ve rounded up the top 6 skincare products to help your skin survive the winter, from exfoliators to moisturisers and everything in between.

1. Cleanse Every Night


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Enlarged pores got you feeling down? Cleansing nightly is a must. Kick off your winter skincare routine with this Deep Pore Daily Cleanser from Clarisonic. Formulated with Peppermint Extract to give your skin a soothing, calming feeling, use after removing all makeup and with a Clarisonic to get deep into those pores.

2. Use Night Cream


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They call it beauty sleep for a reason: while you’re catching some zz’s, your skin cells are hard at work renewing themselves. Applying a night cream that’s designed to promote regeneration, moisturize, and repair can only enhance the process, which is why we turn to the Rosapene Night Cream from Trilogy. Rosapene, rosehip oil, goji, and manuka honey will have you waking up to soft, hydrated, youthful-looking skin.

3. Apply a Mask


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It’s no secret that winter air can dry up your skin, so applying a mask is an absolute must (plus, it doesn’t hurt to transform your bathroom into your very own at-home spa!) Choose a mask that has skin-boosting ingredients, like the Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask by Napoleon Perdis. Not only does using a face mask give your skin an even base for makeup, but hey, a little pampering never hurt anyone!

4. Slather on the Lotion


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When it comes to moisturizing your skin, the more the better. Whether you have naturally dry skin or you’re no stranger to having an oily surface, your skin needs all the TLC it can get during the wintertime. Ingredients like rose oil and lanolin help moisturize and soothe dry, cracked skin without leaving a greasy residue so don’t be afraid to slather on the lotion! Our pick? The Rose Balm by Lanolips. It’s made for use on the hands and nails (brownie points for dual use) and absorbs quickly into the skin sans stickiness.

5. Exfoliate Lips

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If you love sporting a bold red lip during the cold weather season, one thing is for sure: chapped lips are the ultimate beauty no-no. Whip up your own DIY lip scrub with some sugar, honey, and olive oil and your lips will feel as good as new! Don’t have the time? The Exfoliating Lip Wand by Glo Minerals will also do the trick. Wax microcrystals nurture while jojoba seeds kick flaky skin on the lips to the curb.

6. Add Radiance


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If you’re slowly losing that glow you worked so hard for during the summer, you’re not alone. Winter air can dull up the skin and take away its radiance, making it that much more important to bring that shimmer back. If slathering on the lotion and exfoliating properly just don’t seem to do the trick, it may be time to turn to a body oil like the Splendours Shimmering Body Oil from Clarins. Apply to the décolleté, arms, and legs to fake that summer skin.

From cracked skin to flaky lips, the winter season doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your skin. With a proper skincare routine and some TLC, you’ll be well on your way to picture-perfect, flawless skin in no time!




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