Alpha-H Liquid Gold Love Affair – Everyone wants to have one!


Liquid Gold has graced Australian shelves for the last 15 years and we could not be happier. Based on the Gold Coast, Alpha-H began as a small family run business that has now changed the skin of millions of women in Australia and internationally. Dealing with bad skin into her 20’s, Alpha-H owner and director Michelle Doherty had no luck using over the counter skin remedies, and found that even medical professionals were disinterested in helping her. She wanted a product that not only focus on the imbalances of the the skin, but could stop the same problems from reoccurring. Within days of first using Alpha-H, Michelle noticed immediate differences in her skin. This persuaded her to get on board, and she know travels the world sharing the secrets of Alpha-H, making it was it is today – a household name worldwide. Her mission is to ensure that women everywhere can feel confident and beautiful, without even wearing make-up.

Liquid Gold Art2

Alpha-H is committed to real results of replenishment and rejuvenation whatever your skin type or age. So what is the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Secret? Just a quick dab of this product on a cotton pad before you go to sleep provides you with flawless, fresh skin when you wake up. All the work happens at night while you sleep, you don’t have to do a thing! A quick swipe of this over your face and neck can eliminate the need for a toner, exfoliater and moisturiser. Talk about low maintenance.  The secret lies in the ingredients, though there are few of them. Michelle wanted only great active ingredients with no nasty fillers. The two stars of the show are the Glycolic Acid and Licorice extract that work in harmony to resurface the skin without invasive treatments or harsh abrasions, even out skin tone, and deliver a bright, dewy radiance to the complexion.


Celebrate Liquid Gold’s milestone by starting your love affair today!

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert