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How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

From stars on the red carpet, to models on the runway, to your average mum down the street, it is impossible to deny that beautiful long eyelashes are in style and are here to stay. Long eyelashes are stunning and perfectly frame the eye to give it an effortless touch of glamour. Yet, many people wonder how to get long eyelashes in the first place, especially if they are not genetically endowed with eyelash perfection. Though the quickest and easiest way to achieve the look is to have eyelash extensions applied every three to six weeks, it is also possible to learn how to grow longer eyelashes on your own accord. These methods can fast track you to eyelash brilliance and leave you feeling glitzy and special every day.

Beautiful Long Eyelashes are Here to Stay!

Pregnancy Multi-Vitamins Yield Positive Results

Many women who are not pregnant have reported increased eyelash length and fullness after several weeks of taking any brand of over-the-counter pregnancy multi-vitamins. The way this works is quite simple. Pregnancy multi-vitamin pills contain a folic acid supplement that is extremely important for hair and nail growth. Often, folic acid can be used to reduce hair loss or encourage healthier nail and eyelash growth. So if you’re wondering how to grow longer eyelashes, a simple pregnancy multi-vitamin might be the answer for you.

A Committed Beauty Regime Enhances Lashes

There is always the option of using advanced makeup techniques to grow long eyelashes. With the right products and tools, makeup can enhance eyelashes and make them look long, luminous and luscious. When doing makeup to enhance eyelashes, it is important to use concealer underneath the eye and then a light powdered foundation on top of this concealer. Black eyeliner like our Clarins Instant Eyeliner #1 also nicely frames the eyelashes and makes them look longer. The most important piece of the puzzle, however, is mascara. If you use black mascara and gently apply many coats, leaving ample time for these coats to dry in between, it is very possible to achieve the lush, long eyelash look without going through the expense or risk of other methods.

Prescription Products Reported To Be Effective

Finally, for those who want to try a more targeted route, there are many specially designed products that can be applied to the area around the eye and are clinically indicated to increase eyelash growth. Although currently in the governmental approval process and not yet available without a prescription, Latisse is one such product and users have reported excellent results. This product has been shown to increase lash growth in the laboratory and has many excellent reviews from consumers who say they will continue to apply it for the rest of their lives. Like any pharmaceutical product, it does come with the potential for adverse reactions. However, these cases are a minority and most consumers use the product often, love it, and are very pleased with the enhancement of their lashes over time. Keep a watch out for products like Latisse to arrive on the Australian market over the next couple of years.

Long eyelashes are beautiful and very in style, and every woman deserves to feel that they have the lashes of a queen and to be comfortable with the way their eye is styled. The above techniques are the most sure-fire methods to grow longer eyelashes and using any of them separately or even in conjunction with each other will yield beautiful results.

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