Glam Eye Looks For Your New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspo

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, meaning that it’s time to break out the glitter and your favourite new dress in preparation for an amazing night! We just know you’re headed off to a fab party or event, so it’s only natural to want to go all out when it comes to your New Year’s Eve makeup.

Glam Eye Looks For Your New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspo

New Year’s Eve makeup is all about glitz, glamour and not being afraid to have fun. Whether you opt for a bold lip, rock glittery eyes or break out the metallic eyeliner, you’re sure to stun amongst your mates on the big night. If you’re lacking a little inspiration, though, don’t stress out.

We’re honing in on the eyes, AKA your place to be ultra-creative this party season. Keep on reading to discover five stunning, glam eye looks for New Year’s Eve, and find out how you can recreate them to ring in 2018.

Glitter Cut Crease

New Year's Eve makeup look glitter cut crease

Glitter is bound to be everywhere this New Year’s Eve (including all over the floor), but for good reason. It’s the easiest and sparkliest way to glam up your look, and is always sure to draw the attention of the room. This party season, we’re obsessing over cut crease looks created using shadow, liner and of course, the main event (glitter…duh).

Make like the gorgeous look above by picking up a peachy shade and layering in the crease and outer V. Concentrate deeper, scarlet or pink shades along the lower lash line and outer V to add some depth. Then, using the concealer of your choice, cover the lid to create the template for the cut crease. Pack a pale shade over the top.

Get your glitter on by taking a liquid liner and sketching out a line in the crease, following the template you’ve created. Dab lash glue or adhesive over the liner, then gently pack on your loose glitter. We love the Lit Cosmetics Mini Me Lit Kits for all things sparkly, especially the shade Rich & Famous. Finish the look off with a poppin’ inner corner highlight and some lush lashes.

Glossy Eye

New Year's Eve makeup look glossy eye

The glossy eye is perhaps 2018’s biggest eye trend, and we’re absolutely living for it. Not only does it look super chic and high fashion, but it’s simple to recreate and can be adapted to your personal style. It makes for an absolutely perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look!

Start off by priming the eyelids, as you really want the colours you place to pop. Then, pick up your favourite shade — brights definitely recommended — and wash it over the lids, blending out any harsh lines liberally. Some of our favourite shadows for this look include the Napoleon Perdis Colour Discs in Pink Silk and Days of Disco.

Then, to achieve the gorgeous finish, you’ll need to layer a gloss over the top. The Lanolips 101 Ointment, in addition to being an amazing cure-all for cuts and dry areas, makes a stunning eye gloss that MUAs have been known to love. Finish the look off with mascara and a touch of glitter on the centre of the lower lash line.

Metallic Gold Sheen

New Year's Eve makeup look metallic gold sheen

Gold is bound to be the choice of many party-goers this New Year’s Eve, as it’s the perfect way to add drama and opulence to your look. Create a gold or bronze eye using gradient tones for a stand-out eyeshadow creation that will have everyone talking.

Start off with a sand shade, buffing this into the crease and tracing the outer V. Darken it up with a mid-brown that will provide depth. If your lines are looking a little too stark, pop a pale, creamy shade on a blending brush and fluff away ’til you’re perfectly happy.

Next up is the focal point of the look — your lid. The above features a gradient effect that sees darker, almost bronze shades on the outer and inner corner, with a true gold directly in the centre. Pack each shade tightly with a short shader brush, wetting the fibres if you need to intensify colour payoff. A cream shadow, such as the Maybelline Eye Studio Tattoo Cream Gel Shadow in Bold Gold is another way to ensure your gold is bright and has the desired effect.

Wrap up your New Year’s Eve makeup look with a blinding inner corner highlight and some jet black liner traced lightly along the lash and water lines.

Dramatic Liner

New Year's eve makeup eye look graphic dramatic eyeliner

Throw things back to the 60s with a graphic winged liner look that’s sure to turn heads at any event. Perfect for nighttime ‘dos, you can keep it simple with no shadow or add a little glam with a soft shade on the lid and a touch of glitter.

You can use whatever liner medium you want to create this massive wing, although we’d recommend the good old shadow and pen combination. Start off by sketching out your wing using an angled brush and the deepest, darkest black shadow you can find. If you struggle with crisp lines, adhere a little tape at the desired angle and have at it. Once you’ve achieved your perfect, thick wing using shadow, intensify the colour and staying power with a felt-tip pen liner.

Top off your stunning eye statement with a little mascara and false lashes for even more glam. If you need a little colour, smudge something sheer and subtle from the inner corner to where the wing begins to extend.

Coloured Smoky Eye

New Year's Eve makeup look coloured smoky eye

We all love a good smoky eye, but things seem to be straying away from traditional blacks and browns in the beauty world. What we’ve been seeing lately is coloured smoky eyes using jewel-toned shades like purple, blue and green. How gorgeous do they look!? We’ve even seen celebs such as Selena Gomez out and about rocking this trend.

A smoky eye with a rich colour focus makes for the perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look. A plus is that they’re also super easy to create, giving you more time for the important stuff, such as choosing what to wear…and pre-drinking, of course.

Start off by dipping your brush into your focus colour and placing around the outer corner and the lower lash line. Then, with a clean brush, buff out the edges, dragging the shadow slightly inwards to create a gradient effect. Take a complementary colour a few shades off from your first selection and buff all over the remainder of the lid, blending well.

Finish with mascara and a little black liner smudged along the lash line. This look would also be stunning with a touch of glitter on the inner corner.

What makeup look will you be sporting this New Year’s Eve? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!



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