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How to prevent frizzy hair

Nothing cramps a style quite like uncontrollable frizzy hair!  Even the most exotic of beauties can be plagued with naturally frizzy hair types that seem impossible to control and get even worse in humid weather.  Effective frizz control can be found in professional hair products and tools made to combat moisture loss and blast away frizzies to make sure your hair is glowing!  

Get regular trims

Snip, Snip, Snip!!! If your hair is split, damaged, ratty or in need of a cut, then styling and smoothing are only going to prevent your frizz so much. Hair professionals recommend a trim every 6 weeks to keep your hair in tip top shape. Me, a lover of my long locks, understand that even a slight trim can be traumatic, and not an experience that needs to be ensured every 6 weeks! As long as you are taking fantastic care of your hair, you can eeeeek it out longer than this if you need to. Just bare in mind that as your hair grows, you are going to develop split ends, which if not trimmed, are going to continue to split higher, make your hair look frizzier and start to snap off! So don’t be a dill, have a trim every few months, your hair will love you for it!

Use an ionic hairdryer

Humidity, or a high level of moisture in the atmosphere is a big culprit in frizzy hair. High humidity or wet days expose your strands to excess moisture, this roughs up the cuticle or hairs surface, which will give a frizzed, brittle appearance.  Blow-drying is an essential part of smooth hair, but be sure to use a high quality professional hairdryer. The Parlux Hairdryer is used by hairdressers around the world, and for good reason. The patented ‘K-Lamination’ motor is ceramic and ionic, which in lay man terms means quicker drying, ionic air flow, which both result is de-frizzed, smoothed static free hair. These powerful hairdriers lock in moisture to the hair’s cuticle, thus not creating damage, or drying out your hair. If you are like me, and blow-dry your hair anymore than once a week, you really should look at a salon quality dryer, both for long term damage prevention, and smooth styling results. Professional Tip : always blow dry “down” the hair shaft, this is the direction of the cuticle, creating a smoother finish.

Switch to a smoothing shampoo & conditioner

If you are a serious frizz head, then you should be using a luxuriously dense Shampoo and conditioner for smoothing results – I LOVE the Redken Real Control range, it is heavy enough to smooth and nourish frizzy locks, but also has repairing protein benefits, you know the saying – Two Birds, One Stone. Not all frizzbies are thickly haired, thin haired beauties often suffer from the frizz also, and this is sometimes a little harder to control, as fine hair can become oilier far quicker with smoothing products. If this sounds like you, then be sure to focus your conditioner to the lengths of your hair, and not putting it on the roots where frizz is not a concern. MoroccanOil is the it product this season, and for good reason. Its just so good!! It is a smoothing weightless oil, a thermal protectant, a shine serum and so much more. I haven’t yet recommended this product to anyone who hasn’t loved it. There is an Original formula, and a Light formula, which has been developed for finer, lighter coloured hair.



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