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St Tropez have just announced Kelly Osborne as their ambassador for self esteem issues affecting young people.

The following statistics and information comes directly from St Tropez.

“New research has uncovered that body image remains a major concern for young people, with nearly three quarters of 16-30 year olds confirming that they regularly do not feel self-confident.

The results were revealed by Kelly Osbourne who has been signed up by St. Tropez as an ambassador for self-esteem issues affecting young people in the UK. The UK wide research* was commissioned by St. Tropez in collaboration with youth charity The Prince’s Trust.

The rise of young people ‘self-bullying’ was shown in the results of the nationwide research, which discovered that 60% of young people cite being unhappy with their bodies as the main reason for low self-confidence and self-belief. This was compared to only 30% who said that their self-esteem had been knocked by external factors such as bullying.

One third of people surveyed also stated that they had not got a job because of low self-esteem causing them to perform badly in an interview.

The research also showed that the recession has clearly had a dramatic impact on the attitudes of young people, as career development, job security and money all came in higher than green issues as a point of concern. Only 20% of 16-30 year olds were worried about the planet. 90% of people also said that they spend time worrying about the future.

Kelly commented: ‘“It really saddens me that so many young people suffer from low self esteem and feel unhappy with their appearance. I think that at times we can be very hard on ourselves, which is certainly something I have experienced in my own life. I managed to overcome those negative thoughts by being healthy, thinking positively and making small changes to my lifestyle that make me feel good about myself, such as taking more exercise and being true to yourself.

“Dancing With The Stars and having my first ever St. Tropez spray tan was a huge confidence booster for me – it helped me to get fit and allowed me to look and feel beautiful from the outside, in. More over it also helped me to see that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, which was a huge accomplishment for me – I’ve never really been able to finish something I’ve started, and to do so feels amazing.”

Kelly Osbourne has been an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust for three years and believes passionately in The Trust’s work, helping young people overcome issues such as depression, drug addiction and long-term unemployment.

*The survey was carried out by YouGov and polled 2000 people from 16-30 years of age.



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