The Greenbank twins beauty tips & WIN 1 of 3 surprise beauty bags valued at over $200

Most of us don’t have to deal with being watched and scrutinised by thousands of people on a daily basis, but for the Greenbank twins it’s all in a days work.

 Spending most of their days in front of the camera, the twins share with us their beauty go to’s for staying camera ready, as well as why they prefer to buy online.

Carrie-Anne Greenbank (Channel 9 NEWS Reporter)

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Amy Greenbank (Weather Reporter, SKY NEWS Weather)

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Q: Being in front of the camera all of the time, you both have to look your best – What is your #1 product you keep in your bag all the time?

Carrie-Anne: I would have to say a simple black eyeliner. When you’re rushing to prepare for a live cross, it’s amazing the difference eyeliner will make on-camera.

 Amy: I work a lot on a blue screen in studio (with an army of fluorescent lights pointed at my face) where it’s hard to avoid looking shiny, so my blot powder is an absolute lifesaver.


Q: There are always so many new beauty items being launched – what is your latest beauty find that you feel other women MUST know about?

 Carrie-Anne: It might sounds unusual, but a naturopath convinced me to try Emu Oil recently, and it works really well to soothe skin and help heal acne scars. It’s also made locally here on the Gold Coast. Who would have thought!

 Amy: Rose lip stain from the Body Shop. Ok I have to credit the twin for this one. It’s so good, the colour soaks right in so there’s no threat of that very classy ‘lipstick on teeth’ look.

Also try BECCA Beach Tint in Raspberry $33.59


Q: Are there any quirky or bad beauty habits you’ve picked up along the years?

 Carrie-Anne: I still apply foundation with my fingers, even though I’ve been told 100 times to use a brush. It’s just so much simpler

 Amy: My love affair with Blistex. I go through so many tubs you wouldn’t believe.

We suggest the new Beautyblender $19.50 for a an improved take on an old favourite as well as Youngblood Hydrating lip Creme $26.40 to heal dryness and soften roughness while the built in SPF 15 help protect lips from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Q: What skin products are you currently using?

 Carrie-Anne: The Clinique anti-blemish range. I’ve been using it for more than a year now, and love it. I change up my moisturisers every few months, but generally swap between Clinique, Lacura (from Aldi) and Olay.

 Amy: For a cleanser I mix up Dr Lewinn’s gentle facial cleanser and their exfoliating facial polishing gel. For a moisturiser my favourite find so far is Dermalogica skin smoothing cream and I occasional throw in a splash of rose hip oil.


Q: Looking back over the years, we have all had a couple of beauty blunders – what do you remember doing that now makes you cringe?

 Carrie-Anne: The bright purple eye makeup during our teen years would win hands-down. I’m not sure WHY Amy and I ever thought that should see the light of day. And those days when we wanted to ‘shine’ so would apply sparkly eye shadow, sparkly bronzer, sparkly lips… oh dear.

 Amy: In our uni days Carrie and I decided to veto the pricy hairdressers and bleach our own hair. Armed with supermarket-bought (I believe around $15) sun bleaching spray we drenched our locks and sat in the sun. Needless to say it didn’t turn out too well. Think brassy orange hair from root to tip…

If you worry about going overboard with eyeshadow colours, stick to a neutral colour palette – try The Balm Nude Tude Eyehsadow Palette $49.95 


Q: Being such busy women, do you find that you prefer to order your beauty products online or in store?

 Carrie-Anne: Online is definitely the best way- and just get it delivered straight to work. I generally do tend to duck to the shops in desperation though- when some product has run out and I’m in urgent need of it.  Time management isn’t my strong point.

 Amy: Online, especially if I’ve used the product before. If I’m hunting for a new shade of foundation/eyeshadow etc. I will occasionally drop into a store but that’s rare.


Q: Now that it’s nearly Spring, we are looking forward to seeing brighter and more playful makeup looks – what are you looking forward to trying this season?

 Carrie-Anne:Pink, pink, pink! I’m determined to master that springtime ‘glow’… no sparkles though!

 Amy: I’m keen to experiment with electric orange lips. Not sure if tangerine is exactly my colour, but you don’t know until you try!


Tell us below your most cringe worthy beauty fail and go in the draw to win 1 of 3 beauty surprise packs valued at over $200 each – Drawn end of next week! (Sep 12th)





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