Top Five Styles For Summer 2009

Top five style tips for summer 2009

On Trend is helping you stay on trend this season by bringing you up to date with this seasons styles from the catwalk.  Traditionally catwalks styles from the worlds top designers take there time to filter through to the high street but this season the looks are easy to wear so expect to see them on a high street near you sooner rather than later.

Slick and Straight.

It’s back and its sleeker and straighter than ever before. Get yourself some thermal protect spray, you’re going to need it. The spray will allow you to wear the look every day without causing unnecessary damage to the hair. Our tip is to use an ionic hair dryer to dry your hair – the ionic technology can reduce frizz by twenty percent before you ready to straighten.

Who’s doing it?

Miu miu, Givenchy

The Done But Not Done Look

Spend a lifetime getting the look of I don’t care hair. It’s all about good product to create this look. You want the hair to shine and glow, so stick to blow dry lotions and styling crèmes with low hold and high shine. It’s one step back from beach hair and the “not done look” is not the “not clean look” so make sure you keep the hair looking clean and fresh with light moisture shampoos and conditioners.

Who’s doing it?

Karen Walker, Sienna Miller, Chloe

Flower Power

To Really get the feel for this one book yourself a weekend at Byron Bay and feel the vibe man. Choose your type of fauna carefully to dress up your summer dress . The wrong type of foliage will make it look like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards. OP shop for vintage headbands to finish the look at a budget price.

Who’s doing it?

Behanaz Sarafpour

Hats Your Lot

Now this is not really a hair style but some hats are so dam cool this season they have to be included. Melbourne cup is still a way off but there’s no reason why you can add some head ware to wardrobe right now. If your a little low on confidence start with a headband and work your way up to full scale hat. Virtually all designers at this seasons catwalk shows featured some sort of head ware in their collection.

Who’s doing it?

Prada, Marc Jacobs ,Chanel , Fendi. This list could go on and on.

The Crimp

There are some that say this style should never of comeback.  It has, and here at ontrend we are less than impressed with the renaissance of this style, but who are we to judge. The Fashion gurus have assured us that this is how you should be wearing your hair this season. As a test we asked all the staff to take note of anyone they saw over the last 7 days wearing the The Crimp. The results are in and in this part of South East Queensland No-one is doing “THE CRIMP” we did spot some major hair disasters including Mullets and Rats Tails but as yet not one crimp.

Who’s doing it?

Err no-one we hope.

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