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Kristina Ioannou from DDG, Dermalogica Skincare Review #1

Kristina Ioannou Dermalogica Skincare Review

Kristina Ioannou from Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily gives you the low-down on her own test run of Dermalogica Skincare over 3 weeks. Keep reading for her Dermalogica Skincare Review.


I can be a bit of a skincare sceptic sometimes, mainly due to the fact that I’ve tried pretty much every lotion, potion and elixir on the market and there exists only a few solitary skin saviours that take the reigning crown. But because I’ve just been given an opportunity to trial three of Dermalogica’s skincare products over a six week period, I’m setting my scepticism aside to see if they can work their magic on my current problematic skin.

Dermalogica Skincare Review

On the testing counter is:

1. – Dermalogica Active Moist – A lightweight, oil-free lotion for daily moisture protection to combat dehydrated skin.

2. – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – Rice-based enzyme powder that activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to smooth the skin and accelerate cell renewal.

3. – Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair – An ultra-rich cream to help diminish dry lines and repair skin damage around the delicate eye area.

All products contain no artificial fragrance or colour.

So let’s start with Active Moist. We’re now in the throes of Winter, and despite my berry-coated manicure looking divine, my skin sure doesn’t (yeah, thanks for that Jack Frost). So changing up my moisturiser from gel to cream has been a welcome addition to my beauty get-up.

I’m really against using moisturisers that clog up the pores and don’t mix well with my foundation, but I’m pleased to announce that Active Moist’s sheer, creamy formula absorbs easily and quickly, meshing well with any makeup applied over the top. I was a bit concerned it would give my slightly oily skin tone a bit of a sheen, but alas, no greasy residue. The scent is subtle and refreshing, which can be attributed to extracts of Lavender, Mallow and Cucumber. Bonus points to the fact that I can use it morning and night and it’s not heavy at all, so once applied you don’t need to worry about that sticky feeling some hydrators and face balms give.


Now onto the Microfoliant. I’ve dabbled with this product briefly in the past, but never consistently. To use, I shake out the white powder onto my palms, slightly dampen with water and then apply to my face in circular motions, building to a lather. I do this for a good minute before rinsing off. I find it gets a little foamy, but the formula is super gentle, so the exfoliating particles don’t irritate the skin and imparts a nice, smooth canvas although I seriously don’t recommend getting this stuff in the eyes as it really stings.

The fact that I can use this every day is awesome because I’m super obsessed with exfoliating in winter to deflect temperature-induced skin woes but other exfoliants can only be used a maximum of three times per week. I have a tendency to get bumpy, dry patches so I’m guessing with continued use, this should even things out. So far, so good.


As for the Intensive Eye Repair, because my dark circles are quite pronounced (damn genetics!), I’m unsure if this cream will be able to do much for my lacklustre blinkers, but I’m trying to be positive. I was a little worried that the potent formula would make my eyes sting and the delicate skin ultra sensitive, but after applying the lotion around my orbital bone each night for seven days straight, I haven’t experienced any kind of discomfort. Tapping the product into the skin has been easy peasy too, as the product it sinks in quickly and flawlessly despite containing a thick consistency.


So what’s the one week verdict, you ask? Are these the solution to my every beauty problem? It’s difficult to say right now. My skin is softer to touch thanks to the Microfoliant and I’m almost certain my visage is receiving substantial hydration simply from the way my makeup glides on smoothly and seamlessly in the morning, but I’m still battling with seriously dark half moon circles under my eyes that no amount of sleep or eye cream is combating and a few pimples around my jaw line. Here’s to hoping week three adequately peps up my peepers and gets rid of those narky zits.

Stay tuned for week 2 Dermalogca Skicare Review.

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