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KMS Shampoo changed my life!

Beautiful, soft, shiny, bouncy and luxurious hair probably sounds familiar to you all as advertisements tend to offer these things. Take a look on the back of your shampoo and conditioner bottles and I’m sure a lot of you will more than likely find something along those lines. That little writing on the back of cheap supermarket products that assured me of gorgeous hair truly led me to believe I was doing it a favour, but I was quickly proved wrong after being introduced to KMS. Being the newest edition to the RY team I can truthfully confess that my knowledge of the beauty industry and the best products in which to use is seriously lacking.

My hair is quite long and fine, very straight and dyed blonde. As you all probably know, blonde hair can take a great deal of maintenance and I am also not too proud to come clean about my laziness in that area as well. Not to mention some EXTREMELY unfortunate hair disasters I had brought upon myself in the previous year. I could definitely say that my hair was in the worst condition it has ever been. It was bristly, had very little shine and was always getting tangled. I’ve always said “there’s no difference between so called ‘quality’ products and supermarket products other than the price… right?” Well, I had a complete beauty awakening during my first week at RY when I was handed three little sample bottles. I was politely asked to try out the Colour Vitality Blonde Shampoo, Moistrepair Conditioner and the Moistrepair Revival Creme. My assignment was to use the products for a couple of days, see how I liked them and then have a go at writing a review. Of course I was jumping with excitement when I got home. Not only by the chance to write this review but also to use something on my hair other than $4 bottles of shampoo and conditioner from my local supermarket.

When I first placed the Colour Vitality Shampoo in my hair I was overwhelmed by bubbles and as I massaged it in to my scalp the volcano of bubbles grew and grew. I came to the conclusion that I had clearly used too much and I only needed a little bit which made me think that this shampoo would last me forever! It also had a rhubarb and vanilla smell which was really yummy. The blonde shampoo was of a purple colour like most and was to maintain a nice blonde colour by toning down the yellowish colour in my hair. Honestly, I didn’t really notice a difference but like I said the colour was pretty off and would have needed a hairdresser to fix it. After rinsing the shampoo out, my hair already felt softer and I moved onto the Moistrepair Conditioner. This was an aloe and vanilla conditioner made for dry, brittle hair. I thought to myself “Ahh, this is what I need!” The product was a lot thicker and gluggier than other conditioners I had tried and I had a little bit of trouble getting it out of its tiny sample bottle. I was also told not to put it on the roots of my hair because it is a lot heavier than regular conditioners. I smoothed it down to the ends and left it for a few minutes then rinsed.

I then towel dried my hair and put in the Moistrepair revival crème which was a leave in treatment that you apply to the middle section of your hair to the ends, avoiding the roots. I allowed my hair to dry and took a look in the mirror. My hair was much shinier and just looked so much healthier. When I ran my fingers through it, the dry, coarse ends had become a lot smoother and softer.  Also throughout the day my hair wasn’t so tangled and it was easier to brush through it. I was so amazed at the results that I actually went and bought the full sized bottles! And get this, it was at what I thought was a fairly reasonable price. Obviously more expensive than things like Pantene and Fructis but I can guarantee you are getting what you paid for. I can’t say that this is the best product on the market because I haven’t tried all the products on the market. But for all the people out there who have always used your average supermarket brands (like me), upgrading to what is known as “quality products” is definitely worth the extra bit of money.



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