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Alpha-H Liquid Gold vs. New Liquid Gold Rose

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is possibly this adored Aussie brand’s most hyped-up product. Known for its miraculous skin-healing properties, it’s surely become a staple in many a skincare routine. If you’ve got acne scarring, pigmentation issues or are worried about the visible signs of ageing, this product needs to become part of your repertoire. However, just to confuse us all (only kidding) Alpha-H brought out a variation on their tried and tested fave, called the Liquid Gold Rose, in 2016.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold vs. Liquid Gold Rose

We’re intrigued just by the name, seeing as rose gold has quickly risen the ranks to be considered total aesthetic goals — just the bottle is making us drool. So, what are the main differences between the original, beloved Liquid Gold and the shiny, new Liquid Gold Rose? We’ve trialled both products and are here to give you a full breakdown of which product will work best for you and your unique skin type.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Glycolic Acid Resurfacing Treatment cult favourite

So, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t tried out the Alpha-H Liquid Gold just yet, let us fill you in. It’s a glycolic acid-based resurfacing treatment that you apply every second night, simply by pouring a small amount onto a cotton pad or similar and swiping around the face, avoiding the eye area. The consistency is reminiscent of a toner, but it’s so much more than that.

The low pH levels of this product help the skin to regenerate as you sleep, tackling concerns such as acne scarring, the signs of ageing, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It’s suitable for all skin types, including those oily-skinned guys and gals, as the formula won’t clog up pores or cause breakouts. Wake up to newer-looking, more refreshed skin that’s clearer and stays cleaner for longer!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Glycolic Acid Resurfacing Treatment cult favourite

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose features a new formula that’s infused with a ton of goodies to help improve skin hydration, something which the original formula doesn’t focus on. Soothing botanicals such as Rose, Lotus and Orchid Petal extracts, Scandinavian Red Algae and Dead Sea Salts help calm redness and combat skin issues while maintaining moisture.

The hydration you’ll experience is ‘multi-layer’ – that is, it’ll penetrate the skin on a deeper level to ensure that moisture is locked in and actually lasts.

Which Product is Right For You?

Alpha-H Liquid Gold vs. Liquid Gold Rose Glycolic Acid products

So, now comes the eternal question – which of the two is your best bet for that ultimate skin-resurfacing experience?

It seems as if the Liquid Gold Rose does everything that the original Liquid Gold does, with the added bonus of being super nourishing and hydrating. This may not be the best for your skin, though – if you’re oily and don’t have luck with products labelled as ‘moisturising’ then we recommend you stick with the original. It’ll help new skin cell turnover, and although it won’t impart that moisture, it also won’t dry you out. Your skin should feel more balanced and much healthier after a few weeks of recommended use.

If your skin needs a little boost in moisture and could use some antioxidants to keep it feeling plump and healthy, Liquid Gold Rose will definitely be up your alley. The new, nature-derived ingredient additions are ideal for soothing and calming the skin whilst still delivering that resurfacing punch.

Both products are intended for use every second night. After the skin is dry to the touch, follow up with your regular moisturiser or serum. For intensive results, forego any subsequent products and use as the final step in your nightly routine.

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