ghd vs Cloud Nine: Which One is Right For You?

Both ghd and Cloud Nine are big names in the world of heated hair tools, each offering a range of highly-coveted stylers and accessories. If you’re looking for the best of the best in hair styling, then these straighteners have you covered — both ghd and Cloud Nine irons are top of the line. But, which of these two stellar brands is better for your hair?

ghd vs Cloud Nine: Which One is Right For You?

It all comes down to your unique hair type and needs, as both provide a huge range of benefits and conveniences. We’re putting these two beloved brands head to head to discover which should be your first pick. Keep on reading to discover whether you should spend that hard earned $$ on a ghd or Cloud Nine styler.



ghd entered the UK market in 2001, and has sold over 2 million styling irons since, in 50,000 salons worldwide (including, of course, in Australia). ghd are the leading brand when it comes to flat iron sales. ghd styling products were amongst the first hair tools to sponsor the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and the company is still constantly changing and improving.

“I’ve tried a few other brands of straighteners after using a ghd for years, because I had never tried anything else before, but none ever worked as well as the ghd IV!”
★★★★★, Nikki


Cloud Nine hit the haircare scene in 2009, claiming a kinder approach to hair styling that would soon revolutionise the straightener industry. Cloud Nine’s most innovative feature is their temperature control technology, which allows users to style their hair at 6 different heats to avoid breakage or damage.

“This would be the best hair straightener that I have ever used, it leaves your hair feeling soft and no static, it heats up quickly and I love that you are able to adjust the temperature!”
★★★★★, Michelle



ghd offer hair straighteners, curling wands and dryers within their electrical range. Their core straighteners are the ghd Platinum+, ghd Gold Professional Styler and ghd The Original IV Styler. Each of these products has been designed to suit a variety of hair types and needs, however if you want to go more specific, there’s also the ghd Gold Mini Styler for short hair and fringes, or the ghd Gold Max Styler for curly or thick locks. ghd temperatures sit at around 185C across the range, as this is what the brand has found to be an optimal heat that allows for effortless styling without damage.

On the other hand, Cloud Nine is all about customisation, perfectly tailoring your styling experience to your unique needs. Cloud Nine offer a straightener with a wider barrel that delivers even heat to thicker hair (The Cloud 9 Wide Iron), as well as a mini straightener with a shorter barrel for fine hair, short hair or fringe styling (The Cloud 9 Micro Iron). Of course, there’s also their bestseller, The Cloud 9 Original Iron, which covers most bases to deliver a flawless and efficient experience. Set your optimal temperature between 100 and 200C — it’s all up to you.

Which One is Right for Me?

Ultimately, the battle of Cloud Nine vs ghd comes down to your own personal preferences, needs and hair type. If you’re a little wary about ‘frying’ your hair and feel like you need temperature controls, opt for Cloud Nine. On the other hand, if you prefer a consistent temperature and a wider range at your disposal, maybe a ghd is more up your alley.

If you’re on the hunt for the nitty-gritty (AKA some handy styler specs), check out our comparison table for all the information you’ll need on warranties, voltage and more.

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