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3 Simple Back to School Hairstyles You Can Recreate

Whether you’re a busy mumma, a full-time student or a hardworking teacher, the back to school season can be stressful, to say the least. Amidst all of the supply shopping, uniform try-ons and first day jitters, it can be easy to forget about some of the more enjoyable aspects of heading back to school.

3 Simple Back to School Hairstyles You Can Recreate

With makeup generally off the table, and everyone dressed in uniform, hair can be the one creative outlet that’s left to make the most of. From the time we start school as small children, doing our hair for the school rush becomes a bit of a chore…but that’s not to say it can’t be fun! If you’re tasked with doing your kids’ hair or your own this back to school season, forego the boring old ponytail and try something new.

Keep on reading to find out three super simple back to school hairstyles and exactly how you can recreate them with ease.

Plaited Crown

Back to School hairstyles easy plaited crown braid

Show ’em you’re the queen of the school yard with this plaited crown upstyle. Easy to tailor to your own hair type, length and needs, this style looks stunning on practically everyone. It works best with medium to long hair, as you’ll need to create plaits.

Start off by brushing out your hair and creating a middle part. Section hair down the middle, bringing a bunch around to either side. Without using a top elastic, begin working each side in a simple, no-nonsense three strand plait. Secure with a small, clear elastic at the bottom.

Now, it’s time to pull those plaits up on top of your head to create a crown. Manipulating as you see fit, wind your plait around your head, bringing the tail end straight across as far as it’ll go. Secure everything with a bunch of bobby pins, slotted in as discreetly as you can — pins the same shade as your hair are always a go-to to ensure they stay invisible. Hair bungees also do the trick! Do the same with the plait on the other side. Spritz a little hairspray, pull out some front pieces and voila! It’s honestly that simple.

Back to school hairstyles easy fishtail plaited crown Jennifer Morrison

Of course, there are tons of variations you can make if you have a little more expertise when it comes to hair. Instead of plaiting, opt for a simple braid on either side, starting from the nape and working outwards. You don’t need to braid all the way into the crown; just create two hanging braids either side and secure to the crown as we’ve done with plaits.

Another unique way to wear this is with a fishtail plait. Using four strands instead of three to create the plait, simply follow the above steps to finish the look. We love the look Jennifer Morrison is rocking above — she’s left out a few strands in the front to give this a messy vibe.

Pinned Back Waves

Back to school hairstyles for short hair pinned back waves

This is for the short haired gals in the house — we see you, and we feel your back to school hairstyle struggle. If you always end up leaving your hair loose, or god forbid, reaching for a headband, this is an easy way to spice things up a bit. It also works for longer locks if you’re allowed to leave them loose at school, by some miracle handed down by the uniform gods.

If you’ve got aeons of time in the morning, start off by grabbing that curling iron and running some loose waves through the hair. As we don’t want structured curls, you can twist the hair towards you rather than away from you, which will create a looser look. Not an early riser? No problem — run a little salt spray or texturising mousse through your mid-lengths and ends, and you’ll be ready to start creating this style.

All you need for this gorgeous back to school hairstyle is some bobby pins. Take a small section of hair from either side of your temples, bringing it backwards and securing with a bobby as messily as you like. Pull out small pieces here and there for a lived in look. Begin to take smaller strands from further down, toward your ears, as you see fit. Once you’re satisfied, you’ll be left with a messy yet chic pulled back style that wears well throughout the day.

Back to school hairstyles pulled back waves with hair tie

If you want to switch things up a bit, try creating a few tiny plaits or braids with the side pieces and then securing these back. You can always use a hair tie rather than bobby pins, too, if you’ve got an active day ahead of you at school.

Bubble Ponytails

Back to school hairstyles easy bubble ponytail

Perfect for girls of all ages and hair types, bubble ponytails are an easy yet show-stopping style. We’ve seen them everywhere from the playground to the red carpet (worn by actual goddess Blake Lively, no less), making them the ideal versatile look for the back to school season.

Start off by brushing out your hair, and securing your ponytail at whatever height you like it. Bubble ponytails look amazing up high, as you can really build the volume, however if you’re a low pony kinda gal, do what works for you. Once your hair is in a ponytail, run a little sea spray through it and backcomb very gently to give it some texture without creating knots. If you’re in a hurry, no product required — simply skip to the fun bit!

Grab a few small, clear elastics and begin to tie them throughout your ponytail in approximately even intervals. As you go, pull the hair above the elastic out without actually untying it, creating that bubble effect.

Back to school hairstyles Blake Lively bubble ponytail

If you want to get a little fancy with this one, there’s tons of ways to shake things up. Leave out small sections of your hair as you go along, then using these to wrap around your hair tie to disguise them beautifully. Another variation we love is what Blake Lively’s stylist opted for, creating two ponytails — one at the crown and one low down on the nape. This gives the look added volume and flair. You could even work in some small braids from the front of the head — your only limit is your creativity.

What style will you be trying out for the first day back at school? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!



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