Australian Beauty Awards 2013

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The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural – Calvin Klein

The amount effort  Australian women put in an attempt to look natural clearly indicates that Mr. Klein hit the nail right on the head.  Dead center for that matter.  And Pamela Anderson seems to agree with him when she says Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror.

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent

Going by the growing sale of beauty products across the country, we seem to accept these wise words of the great connoisseur of beauty whole heartedly.

You have products for oily skin and dry skin.  There are products to colour your hair and bleach your hair.  While ladies in Asian countries spend money to look fair, we in Australia spend to look tanned.  The beauty industry knows.  It has suitable product for every conceivable need.

Now when we are spending so much time and money to ensure that we look our best, we certainly have a right to know if we are spending on the right things at the right place or not.

That is what Australian Beauty Awards are all about. 

Beauty awards logo

Now in its fifth edition the awards the top brands an opportunity to prove their excellence. Over the period the Beauty Awards have attracted almost every beauty company to participate. Participating gives them a chance to expose their best products to consumer across the country as well as to some of the leading names in the industry.

The attempt of the Australian Beauty Awards is to put spotlight on the products that make a difference to how women look and feel.  The notion of beauty care is a fact changing trend like any fashion trends.  These awards help you keep up with this fast paced reality.

In 2012 around 8000 products from across the categories vied to be considered best product amongst their peers.  Cosmetic products that have been sold across Australia for the past year will be participating.  This year’s range includes brands like Dermalogica, Napoleon Perdis, and Loreal besides many niche and bright upcoming brands.

Kelly Baker, Beauty and Health Director of The Australian Women’s Weekly and the brand ambassador for this year’s Awards believes “Beauty trends are there for all of us to try. Choose the one that makes you feel good and then you’ll look good. Ignore the rules. Wear what makes your heart sing and you’ll be nothing less than beautiful.”

Judges’ Choice Awards

A panel of eminent beauty experts and beauty editors from major Bauer Media publications like the Australian Women’s Weekly, CLEO, Cosmopolitan and others will use a range of criteria to arrive at Judges’ Choice Awards.  Some of the parameters on which the brands will be judged are quality, packaging, originality, value, technology expertise and customer experience.

Readers’ Choice Awards

Having spent your hard earned money, I am sure; you would also like to have our say in what is the most popular product.  Public are also invited to vote their favourite products.  Your vote can help your favourite product to win the best and most popular product awards.  You can vote online till 12th August 2013 8:59 am AEST.

These products are divided in 8 broad segments. Skincare, Eye, Body, Face, Hands & Nail, Lips, Hair and Fragrance.  Each segment is again divided into multiple categories like Body Cream, Body Cleanser, Body Sunscreen, and so on. Each of the above segments has one category called ‘Cult Product’ within that segment.  In all there are 48 categories that you need to vote in.

Why would you want to vote?

I though the joy of seeing your favourite product in the line up being awarded the top award will vindicate your purchase history and make you feel good.

Should that not be enough?

Well if it is not enough, there is more reason for you to vote.  When you vote for your favourite product in all the 48 categories of the Australian Beauty Awards 2013, you will go into running for a chance to win the ultimate beauty cupboard – a $25,000 worth collection of top beauty product.  There are also weekly giveaways worth $450 every week.

How do you participate?

The Australian Beauty Awards 2013 is announced by Bauer Media which publishes some of the major women’s periodicals like Australian Women’s Weekly and Harper’s Bazar amongst others.  Any Australian resident can vote for their favourite brand.  All you need to do is to log on to the official website of the awards [].  Register yourself or use your Facebook id to log in.  Vote in every one of the 48 categories to be included for the grand $25,000 Ultimate Beauty Cupboard.

The Australian Beauty Awards Readers’ Choice Winners will be announced in September 2013.




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