Heidi Montag’s Surgery Shock

What do you think about Heidi Montag obsession with plastic surgery?
My weekly subscription to who arrived a few days ago, and for hours i couldn’t peel my eyes away from the before and after images of her.

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but i think she was beautiful before she began, and she simply looks like an older more plastic version of herself.
i am not in any way against plastic surgery, if there is something that you can alter about yourself to increase your beauty in the eye of your beholder, then i think that it is a positive thing. i do believe that there is a big difference between this, and 10 surgeries in one day, that’s an unhealthy obsession.

Many people are upset and there is some brewing controversy as to the message that the publicity that Heidi’s touch ups are portraying to young giros when an already beautiful 23-year-old chooses to alter herself so much.

Heidi does not have the support of her Mum who has publicly said she is “horrified and having a total breakdown and can’t wait to confront Heidi”

Montag says that it is her life – and in her line of work, alterations can be necessary. To each their own.



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