Which Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Should I Choose?

Cloud 9 hair straighteners are some of the best in the biz — just read the reviews and experience the hype for yourself! If you’re in the market for new styling tools, you won’t be able to surpass the quality and choice this brand has to offer.

Which Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Should I Choose?

However, sometimes choice leads to eternal deliberation, leaving you at square one with no real idea of what the right decision is. All philosophical chat aside, it’s important to know your options inside and out when making a big purchase, hair styling tools notwithstanding.

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Buying Guide Comparison

Keep on reading to discover our guide to choosing the perfect Cloud 9 hair straightener based on your hair type, budget and general needs.

The Cloud 9 Original Iron

The Cloud 9 Original Iron is the most ‘classic’ styler in the range, and so, makes a great entry-level pick if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and spoiled for choice. Although it looks similar to your run of the mill straightener, there’s a lot to be discovered with this ultra-popular model. Here are a few of the Original Iron’s most important features:

  • mid-sized (25mm) plates ideal for styling medium to long hair
  • lightweight (400g) build
  • 5 temperature settings for a customisable experience, ranging from 100 to 200 degrees

This particular Cloud 9 hair straightener is ideal for medium-length or long hair that’s normal to thin in texture. It’s also preferable that you have wavy or straight locks, as the mid-sized barrels aren’t optimal for curls (more on this later!).

“This would be the best hair straightener that I have ever used: it leaves your hair feeling soft and with no static, it heats up quick and I love that you are able to adjust the temperature.” – Michelle, ★★★★★

The Cloud 9 Wide Iron

If you have thick, curly or unmanageable hair, you’ll drool over this particular Cloud 9 hair straightener — the Wide Iron. It’s been specifically designed for these hair types, and features thicker barrels that easily and optimally deliver heat for a quicker styling time than you’ve ever experienced. If you’re sick of spending hours in front of the mirror trying to tame your locks, this is the answer to your prayers. Here’s what it offers:

  • large (40mm) plates perfect for thick or curly hair
  • 5 temperature settings from 100 to 200 degrees
  • still incredibly lightweight (500g)

“Love this. My hair is usually frizzy and takes ages to straighten, but not with this straightener. It takes me half the time of my old straightener plus makes my hair feel silky!” – Shoogs, ★★★★★

The Cloud 9 Micro Iron

Finally, your remaining option is the Cloud 9 Micro Iron, a hair straightener designed for short hair or styling smaller areas, such as fringes. Although this product doesn’t have the same variable temperature control as other Cloud 9 hair straighteners, it’s still an excellent model, and half the price point of its counterparts. If you just need to quickly run through shorter locks for a silky look, or want something easily portable, the Micro Iron is an essential.

Here’s what it offers:

  • thin (15mm) plates that glide quickly through hair
  • ultra-light (under 200g) feel perfect for travelling
  • measures just 15cm in length
  • 1 temperature setting — static at 150 degrees

“Brilliant! All the benefits and features of a full size, top of the line straightening iron but in a tiny size. I only use an iron for curling my hair ends to give a bit of shape and body and this is perfect for the job. Great work, Cloud 9.” – Lyn, ★★★★★

What They’ve All Got in Common

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Comparison Guide

Of course, there are a few more technical specifications that are universal across the Cloud 9 hair straightener range. Each styler comes equipped with the following:

  • hibernation mode that automatically kicks in after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • protective heat guards
  • professional swivel cords (2.5m in length)
  • a limited 1-year warranty that’ll protect you in the case of any faults

Will you be picking up a new Cloud 9 hair straightener based on these recommendations? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

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