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Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Is it just me or did it feel like not too long ago Plastic Surgery was that thing in a far off universe that really rich celebrities dabbled in and then pretended they didn’t. Now it seems like I can’t go around the corner without seeing or hearing about someone or another who’s gone “under the knife”. From simple botox to lip injections, boob jobs to full tummy tucks, it seems that how you look, or how you feel about how you look is still of the up-most importance to many women (and men!).

And due to the now huge range of Plastic Surgeons opening up locally on the Gold Coast and the new affordability, it seems like Plastic Surgery isn’t as many moons away as I once thought.

Would you do it?

plastic surgery 2

Plastic Surgery Horror Stories still float around. It was only earlier this year that a beautiful Gold Coast girl, Evita Nicole Sarmonikas died after heading to Mexico in search of a new butt. But with a new kind of social acceptance for plastic surgery that has come about in the last 10 years, it seems that more people are ignoring the risks and plunging head first into the knife (literally). The most common procedures are still Boob Jobs, Lip Injections and Botox but there are still many people with high expectations on what they can achieve through plastic surgery. Too high expectations, according to Dr Ian McDougall, Plastic Surgeon from Southport. He says “sometimes these high expectations can’t be met, and they often come with complications.”

In Australia, at least, there are still strict procedures that patients undergo to ensure the operations were happening for the right reason. Every patient is assessed psychologically. As body dysmorphic disorders are hugely common now it is very important to ensure that the patient isn’t unrealistic about what they are getting themselves into.

Unfortunately, plastic surgeons in other countries don’t follow such methods and end up going too far.

Look at these Plastic Surgery Nightmares:

plastic surgery nightmare boobs plastic surgery nightmares plastic-surgery-nightmares-lip-injections

These are only some of the hundreds of images you can find on the internet.

As the plastic surgery boom takes off on the Gold Coast it can be easy to be tempted – I know I am!

getting kylie jenner lips

coz Kylie.

As always, before undertaking any type of surgery, do your research, be safe and more importantly if you don’t feel comfortable at any time – stop!



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