Minimalist Makeup Hacks for a Fresh Start to the Year

Minimalism is one of 2017’s biggest trends, and we predict it’ll carry over into 2018 in a big way. Marie Kondo, AKA the lady who started the decluttering craze taking the world by storm, advocates a simpler, less crowded lifestyle as the way to achieve true happiness. If you’re taking her advice on board, minimalist makeup is another way to free up your possessions and start anew heading into 2018.

Minimalist Makeup Hacks for a Fresh Start to the Year

We’re not telling you to throw away all your beloved makeup in favour of a bare-faced lifestyle — far from it. If someone told me I had to get rid of all my coveted makeup, skincare and haircare finds, my answer would be a resolute ‘over my dead body’. Instead of forcing you to go cold turkey, why not slowly take some steps towards a more minimalist makeup routine?

Keep on reading to find out a few simple, pain-free minimalist makeup hacks you can employ right now.

Make use of multi-taskers

Minimalist makeup hacks Becca Beach Tint multitasking products

Multi-tasking products can be key to cutting down that overflowing makeup bag. Instead of spending your hard earned money on item after item, learn what makeup faves can serve multiple purposes and take all of the work out of your routine.

The Becca Beach Tint makes rosy-ing up your cheeks, lips and even eyes an all-in-one process. With a light, creamy liquid formula that can easily be built up or sheered out, the Beach Tints are available in a range of pink and coral shades perfect for a sweet, soft look.

Of course, practically any product can be used in a number of ways. Pop highlighter on the lid or inner corner for a shimmery look, use powders to mattify lipsticks and contour kits to create nude eye looks. Minimalist makeup goals achieved!

Switch to natural options

Minimalist makeup natural cosmetics Inika

If you’ve been wary of toxic ingredients in the past but haven’t yet made the switch, maybe 2018 is a good time to start transitioning your collection to include natural makeup. A few years ago, natural products paled in comparison to chemical-laden formulas in terms of pigmentation and quality, but things have definitely changed.

Killer brands such as Nude by Nature, INIKA, Bite Beauty, Youngblood and Jane Iredale meld quality and natural, no-nasties ingredients, creating products you’ll love using every day. With simpler formulas and total knowledge of exactly what’s going on your face, you’ll feel safer and more in control, and that’s what your minimalist makeup journey is all about!

Know when your makeup is expired

Minimalist makeup declutter Vivianna Does Makeup

Okay, everyone — serious question. When was the last time you did a big chuck out of all your makeup? If your answer is within the last 3-6 months, we’re proud of you. If it’s not, chances are you’re putting expired makeup on your face, or are at least hoarding it for no real purpose. Makeup shelf life is actually a lot shorter than you may think, especially when it comes to eye products and anything without preservatives (i.e. natural products).

Jump aboard the minimalist makeup trend by giving your collection the thorough clear out it needed way back in spring. Anything expired, in the bin it goes. Traditionally, mascaras, eyeliners and beauty sponges are the first to go, after 3-6 months. Your liquid foundations, concealers and primers should last around two years, whereas lipsticks and glosses ‘go off’ after a year.

Get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy

Minimalist makeup Marie Kondo The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up book

Perhaps it’s a bit of a wacky concept at first sight, but Marie Kondo was clearly speaking some truth when she said ‘if it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go’. Sometimes we buy items (makeup especially) on whims or because they’re hot commodities, only to realise they’re not getting any use a few months later.

Go through your makeup bag as intentionally as possible and ponder whether an item warrants being discarded, whether that’s because it won’t get used, doesn’t suit you or doesn’t deliver the results you expected. Friends and family are sure to be grateful for your cast-offs, no matter how well loved they are — makeup is expensive!

Empty before you repurchase

Minimalist makeup empty products before repurchasing

We all tend to lust after new makeup items to the point where we’re accumulating way too many of one product type. I’m definitely a repeat offender (there are currently nine foundations in my collection, send help ASAP). One practice to try out in 2018 is fully finishing off an item before you repurchase something of the same type, whether it’s the exact same brand and item or a new formula.

Of course, your collection needs to be culled to begin with, so execute the above steps and then take stock. If you’re still inundated with concealers, for instance, after the routine giving away and chucking of products, then work through them as best you can before buying something new. We’re not saying you have to live off the one lipstick shade or eyeshadow palette, but this is definitely a good practice to put in place for items that are more essential, such as face and brow products.

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