Best Beauty Blogs to Follow.

Hair Romance is this weeks Best Beauty Blog To follow.

Cards on the table ladies; beautiful hair is not an accident. Those ladies who sport everyday gorgeous locks are getting tips from beauty blogs and diligently practicing what they’ve learned in front of the mirror. Sure, it would be nice to keep a personal stylist on retainer, but who has that kind of budget? Instead, we recommend doing what those stylish women do – keep a personal hair stylist online in the form of, this week’s pick for the best beauty blog. Although it’s mainly hair we know.

Master salon-perfect hair styles is a DIY beauty dream come true. The blog is written by Christina with the advice of her hairdresser husband. Christina is just like you and me – a former hair hater turned hair lover. She got a great cut that works with her hair temperament and the rest came naturally. Make a mental note: Find a great hairdresser and get a good cut. (Marry him if possible!)

Top knots, braids, updo’s and many more styles are featured on her blog with easy step-by-step instructions, follow-along photographs and video tutorials. The braids and other do’s look so difficult it’s hard to believe she’s the one styling her hair – she’s the model in all the photos –but she did. And if she did, so can you!

Why You Should Bookmark

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If you don’t look good, we don’t look good. It’s that simple. Read this blog to help you get the most out of our styling tools and products. They offer monthly hair challenges such as 30 Braids in 30 Days and 30 Days of Twist and Pin Hairstyles – both ebooks available for downloadingto expand your styling abilities and teach you dozens of new ways to wear your hair. Learning and looking good? Yes please!

In addition to the monthly tutorials, we love this blog for the daily tips and inspirational photographs. Some of her most popular posts are How to Use Dry Shampoo and How to Grow Out Your Fringe. These posts offer such helpful tips as “brush dry shampoo through your hair to distribute the residual powder,” and “disguise bangs with a deep side part but angle back to the centre…” These are real tips that anyone from hair beginners to advanced stylists can practice.

Ask and Learn

Author Christina welcomes questions from readers. She always provides loads of detail and illustrative pictures along with her answers, which are extremely helpful when it comes to understanding exactly how to implement her advice. Other beauty blogs only answer reader questions and still others never answer questions, so you’ll be thrilled to see that bundles Q&A, daily advice and monthly hair challenges into one site. Because really, who has time to check in with dozens of different sites?

Your Online Beauty Experts

Between – beauty tips and tricks — and for beauty products and supplies, you can maintain the same level of beauty that celebrities enjoy for a fraction of the price. Don’t you love do-it-yourself savings with how-does-she-always-look-amazing reactions? Of course you do.



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