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3 Heatless Halloween Hairstyles You Can Recreate With Ease

When deciding what to wear for Halloween, it’s easy to get caught up in the outfit and forget about your hair and makeup. Avoid making last-minute decisions this year, and plan out your Halloween hairstyles in advance! We’ve come up with three incredibly simple, totally heatless styles that just about anyone can recreate from home.

Keep on reading to find out our three fave Halloween hairstyles, and which costumes they’ll complement perfectly.

3 Heatless Halloween Hairstyles You Can Recreate With Ease

The name of the game this Halloween is to create a style that’ll last you the whole night, works with a variety of costume choices, and doesn’t rely on heated tools. Albeit a bit of a challenge, we think that these three key looks will be all the inspo you need for some killer Halloween hairstyles.

Space Buns

Space buns Halloween hairstyles inspiration glitter roots

Works well for: fairies, Anime characters, Princess Leia, anything glittery.

Difficulty level: 1/5

Space buns are perhaps the easiest hairstyle to create, bar your simple ponytail, of course. All you need is a few elastics and a brush, and you’re ready to go! They’re also extremely versatile, with a ton of different variations you can make to spice things up a little.

If you’re just after entry level space buns, it’s a matter of whipping your hair up into two buns on either side of your hair. Use a brush to wrangle your locks into two high ponytails, ensuring your part is in the middle and well-defined. Secure with hair ties and voila–that’s all there is to it!

For a twist on this classic Halloween hairstyle, section out about a third of your hair on either side and repeat the above steps. Leave the rest of your hair loose and flowing for a totally 90s, Spice Girls-esque throwback look.

Another variation you can make is adding a few braids in. Section off a small amount of hair on either side of your part, braiding back towards the crown. Twist the remaining lengths into mini buns and you’ve created a gorgeous braid-bun hybrid that is sure to stand out.

Plus, don’t forget to sparkle it up with a little glitter–or a lot! Sprinkle it in your roots, then securing with a non-crunchy hairspray to guarantee it’ll stay in place throughout the night. This is the perfect look for all the wannabe fairies and mermaids out there.

The Faux Hawk

Braided faux hawk Halloween hairstyles inspiration

Works well for: warriors, Game of Thrones characters, anything fantasy-related.

Difficulty level: 3/5

Don’t go shaving the sides of your head if you’re after a mohawk-type style this Halloween–they’re totally easy to create using just a comb and some hair ties! This look works extremely well if you’re emulating a warrior, medieval character or TV show favourite for your costume. Here’s how you can recreate it!

Begin by dividing hair into three sections, one in the middle and two off to either side. Brush the middle section backwards, toward the crown, and then gather up into a bun. Secure this with a clip, and get to working on the two side pieces.

Brush these out, and then bring them together at the back of your head, securing with a clear elastic or hair bungee like the one below from Evo. Make sure this is tight enough, as it’s the part that will give the illusion of shaved or slicked-back sides. You can use a little hairspray or a light gel to ensure this stays in place throughout the night.

Unfurl your bunned section and tease it out to create a little volume. Now, it’s time to plait–divide into three sections and start working your way down as you generally would, loosely wrapping strand over strand. Pull out pieces of hair to give it a lived-in, messy look. Pop another clear elastic on the end, and you’re ready to take on Halloween with your badass look!

Loose Waves + Braids

Loose flowy beach waves with braids Halloween hairstyles inspiration

Works well for: princesses, mermaids, anything flirty and fun.

Difficulty level: 1/5

Mermaids are one of 2017’s most highly predicted Halloween costumes, and for good reason–they’re colourful, often glittery, and let you live out your childhood fantasies of being Ariel. Enough said. If you’re opting into this trend for Halloween, you’re going to need to have wavy, lush locks to complement your costume! Or, perhaps you’re going as something else that’s equally as girly–this look is ideal for princesses, historical figures and more.

To start off with, you’re going to want to make waves–literally. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, simply pop in a curl enhancer to add a little smoothness and shine. If you’re a straight-haired gal, on the other hand, use one of these two methods for your wondrous waves.

Firstly, you can sleep with braids in. This will give you a slightly more crimped look, but add in a little product and tease out, and it’ll have that ethereal vibe you’re after. Otherwise, we recommend picking up some foam rollers or rags to put in your hair overnight. This will elicit fuller curls, meaning you can brush them out to your desired level of waviness.

Spritz some sea salt spray or a curl definer into your tresses, and scrunch with your hands. Then, it’s time to get plaiting. Go for fishtail braids if you’re after a mermaid-y look–there are a whole heap of tutorials available on this if you’re unsure how to do them on yourself. Secure with elastics, finish with hairspray, and you’ve got a flirty and flowy look to rival Daenerys from Game of Thrones. The easiest of all three Halloween hairstyles, it helps that you literally don’t even need to brush your hair to finesse this look–it’ll just add to your messy, beachy texture.

What are you planning on wearing this Halloween? Do you need to create a cute or crazy hairstyle to go along with it? Let us know which Halloween hairstyles you’ll be rockin’ over on Facebook or Twitter!



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