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Brazilian Waxing: Bare all down under!

In the salon we have experienced that first time waxers have been a little nervous about the procedure of having a Brazilian wax so I want to clarify for all the Brazilian waxing virgins what to do prior to your wax as well as what you should expect before, during and after your service.

Many salons have different names for waxing downstairs, here are some definitions to help you get what you want
Bikini wax is your standard just a little off the sides and top.
A G-string wax is your standard bikini wax plus removal of hair on the inner sides of the thighs.
Then we move to the standard Brazilian which is the removal of all hair from the pubic area including the buttocks region, leaving a ‘landing strip’ at the top of the pubic bone.
A Brazilian Wax XXX or Hollywood Brazilian is when all the hair from the pubic area is removed including the buttock region leaving not a hair in sight.

Which one to choose and what do you say on the phone when booking:
Most salons will have a menu so have a look first, check their website for the salon menu, they might have their own definitions and different pricing depending on which you choose. Don’t be afraid to say when booking that you haven’t had one before and ask any questions that may put your mind at ease.  We suggest for your first wax to go for a standard Brazilian which will leave a landing strip. Some people tend to find that removing all traces of hair the first time makes them feel very young. Take it slowly, you can always go all the way next time.

What to do before you arrive?

1.    Give the bush a trim hair should be about 1cm long, any longer and it will be a little more painful for you.
2.    Have a shower and clean downstairs this is common courtesy and your therapist will be very appreciative. If you have come straight from work ask your therapist if she has any baby wipes or such.
3.    Numb the pain some people choose to use a numbing cream or take panadol before a wax. We stay tough it out!

What to expect when you arrive?

You will be greeted by your therapist who will take you to a private room. Here she will explain how to get ready and then leave the room for a few minutes. Most of the time you will be too nervous in the new surrounding that you will miss everything she says, try to concentrate so you don’t get even more nervous when she leaves the room. Generally she will ask you to take off your underwear and put on a disposable G-string (some places will not offer this to you but instead ask you to go bare). Then you will need to lie on a bed like a massage table and cover yourself with a towel to await your therapists return.
Professional Tip: please try not being self-conscious about exposing yourself to your therapist. They do this procedure all day every day and will not be looking too closely at your private parts. Tell them this is your first time and they will talk you through it if you need reassurance.

What to expect during the treatment?

The therapist will return to the room, every therapist performs the wax slightly differently some therapists will get you to spread both legs while others will do one side at a time. Some therapists use a wax which needs to be removed with a strip of paper like material while the other wax sets and can be ripped off. Both ways will require the therapist will apply the wax with a wooden spatula in small sections and them take the wax off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Some areas will be slightly more painful than others but it is a short instant pain that does not linger. Tell the therapist if you feel the wax is too hot as this can burn or take skin off. A good therapist will know from looking at the wax if the temperature is right or they will test it on the inside of their hand.  Good Brazilian will include removing the hair at the back (the bum) some therapists will ask you to pull a leg up to your chest while others will ask you to lie on your side. Gone are the days when you will need to get on all fours!

What to expect after the treatment?

Once the therapist is finish she will ask you to get dressed and meet her outside.
Even though the skin feels so smooth after your wax resist from touching the skin as your hair follicles will be open and the bacteria on your fingers can irritate or infect the hair follicles. The skin may be red and a little tender especially the first time so make sure the redness goes down before you share or show yourself to another person as it won’t be looking its best. It is best to try and moisturise every day after your wax and begin exfoliation approx. 5 days after with exfoliating gloves and possibly some exfoliating product daily. Try not to scrub the area too hard as this may irritate the skin. If you suffer from ingrown hairs it is idea to use an exfoliant product with salicylic, glycolic or aha’s. This will help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells to promote the new hair to grow out of the hair follicle. Alternatively you could you a masque spot treatment. There are many products on the market so try and find one that works for you.

How often should it be done and what’s it going to cost?

Every 3-4weeks depending on the hair growth is ideal and you can be charged anything between $39 and $79 although just because a salon is more expensive does not mean that it’s any better, once you find someone you like stick with them. Once you have experienced a few waxes and your hair starts to grow back smother, finer and sparser you will never go back to shaving or going al-natural.

Have you had a Brazilian Wax XXX before?

Let me know below!



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