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christian-dior-09-swuareSome of us are born with a full, thick, long set of lashes, the majority of us are not!

I think it is safe to say that the majority of un-blessed population are mascara wearers, and quiet likely, even the blessed ones. I can admit that I will rarely leave the house without any lash lacquer!

There are new trends arising and they are becoming increasingly popular. Some have been seen on the back streets for years, and some are currently hitting the catwalks of the world most esteemed designers by storm. What am I talking about? False Lashes, lash extensions and deceiving products that are going to become a girls best friend! We can now all flutter full, thick, long and sometimes indeed lavish false lashes.

There are falsies for the tame and for the brave.

For the tame at heart, there are options to Do It Yourself Length and Volume. Many of the mascaras that claim to vomumise and lengthen actually have tiny nylon fibers in them. Some clever soul has taken this, and made it better. You can now get genius products such as Tweezerman’s FAST LASH and rather than being mascara with fibers in it, it is just a tube of  fibers! What does this mean?

1: One coat of your favorite mascara.  Bourjois Volume Clubbers Mascara

2: One generous coat of lash fibers on top  Tweezerman Fast Lash

3: One more coat of your mascara to cover and set the fibers and your done.

DIY lash collagen, that you can do the Ladies room, and- NO downtime!


To some, size really does matter, and for those there are more permanent options, which are becoming increasingly popular and much more common. Permanent lash inserts or extensions are made from silk or acrylic and are individually bonded to the base of your natural lash using a non irritant adhesive. Whilst these are fantastic, and I do speak from personal experience, refills are needed every fortnight as maintenance, which can be a nuisance, but being able to roll out of bed, on the wrong side mind you, with catwalk style lashes is definitely not!


For those who a little more brave – the FALSE lashes, yes the ones that have been roaming those back streets for years, are for you. Special event or not, this option is not meant to look natural, but rather scream fashion, and they do just that! And for the fashion followers, these beauties are being spotted more and more on the runways of the finest.



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