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Back in 1994 Jane Iredale identified the need for better make up. Working with actresses and models and noticing the detrimental damage some make up was causing to the skin, Jane created her range of mineral make up that not only has lasting coverage but is good for the skin at the same time. Being one of the first Mineral make up brands to shake up the  cosmetic industry by creating a range that is Paraben and BPA free and often known as the skincare make up.  Jane Iredale really is a pioneer of the Make up industry.

Last week Ry’s Brand Manager Kylie travelled to Sydney to attend the jane iredale, ‘Simply the best exclusive stockiest lunch’, in Darling Harbour. Surrounded by canapés, champagne and all things beautiful the inspirational founder of the mineral makeup range, Jane Iredale herself, mingled among guests while warmly welcoming her top stockists.

From the brands humble beginnings, to its rise as an industry leader, Jane shared her story and how it all blossomed from the simple dream of making a makeup range that was also good for your skin. During her time on stage Jane also revealed that her new Puremoist Lipstick range will be release this October 18 new exciting shades. we lucky enough to catch up with Jane also sat down privately with Ry to discuss the jane iredale brand, her past and what separates her range from others in the market. Read the full interview below.

You have been quoted describing your brand as ‘skincare with colour’, how important is that to you when creating new formulas?

Very important.  We want our formulas to be beautiful and effective, and we also want them to be multi-functional.  Equally as important is that they benefit the skin in a meaningful way.  And there’s no reason with today’s technology that they shouldn’t do that.  I think we owe it to the consumer to give her that option.

How satisfying is it to put in all the hard work creating clean products and have such a large fan base support you due to all of your efforts?

It’s what keeps me going, that sense of satisfaction that we’re making a difference in women’s lives.  I’m inspired by the strength of women and their ability to cope with seemingly endless responsibilities.  Anything I can do to make their lives easier and healthier is important to me.

Many people may not know but you also have your own production company, you have been nominated for a Tony Award and you have won an Emmy for a film series in which you were the writer. (Accomplished, yes you are) how do you manage to balance two successful careers?

I gave up my production company when I began my cosmetic career.  So I’m not in the entertainment world any more.  However, the experience I gained there has been invaluable in what I do now.

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After accepting invitations to all these prestigious events, who, other than yourself, would you trust to do your make up for them?

One of our educators.  They know the brand so well.  They know how to use the products and they know what I like.  They’ve been with us for years so they’ve grown with the brand.

Can you share any secrets as to what we can expect from jane iredale in the future?

]We’ll continue to bring out products with innovative formulas.  I do have a few things up my sleeve that I would love to share with you on my next visit to your beautiful country.

If you were to introduce just one of your products to a new customer what would it be and why?

It would be our Pure Pressed mineral base because it would be the perfect introduction to the brand.  It’s a foundation, powder, concealer, sunscreen all in one.  It’s easy to use, light on the skin, lasts all day and lets the skin breathe and function normally.  It makes you look like you only better.

You can watch the Behind the scenes video of the Vogue, Jane Iredale shoot below.

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