Hair Do

The Hair Do clip in hair extensions made famous by Jessica Simpson are now available through RY, at the best price possible!

I’m sure many of us out there would love to have Jessica Simpson’s hair! She has volume, bounce and fantastic colour. With the help of Jess herself, and famous world renowned celeb hair stylist Ken Paves, you can transform your look as often as you like with Hair Do.

The entire clip in product range are inspired by Jessica, and created by her personal hair stylist, Ken. Ken is excited to share his tips to creating the ultimate confident, breathtaking, ever evolving styler of Jess, simply and stunningly. To create Hair Do, Jessica and Ken partnered with Hair U Wear®, the world’s leading manufacturer of hair extensions.

“Ken and I always love trying new styles out on my hair,” says Jessica. “Our secret has always been extensions and now we want to show women everywhere how easy they are to use and how much fun changing hairstyles can be with our new line, Hair Do.”

“Jessica is my muse,” explains Ken. “She is never afraid to try a new style, length or colour with extensions and that is why we have created so many memorable red carpet, movie and music video looks together over the years. People always ask me what I use to style her hair and now we are finally sharing our secret weapons with the world. This new collection, HairDo, means that every woman can have access to the same tricks that I use when I work on Jessica’s hair.”

Each piece was tested by Jessica herself on the red carpets and media appearances, and they remained unnoticed until the Hair Do launch. HairDo makes use of 100% human hair, and Vibralite, a patented fiber that remarkably mimics the look and feel of natural hair; HairDo sets a new precedent in hair extensions.



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