The Secret about Facial Oils

If you haven’t heard about Facial Oils I have one question for you. How is that rock you’ve been living under?

Facial oils are all the rage this winter and it’s easy to understand why: They’re natural, they don’t cost an arm and a leg like some “miracle” skincare treatments do, not to mention the load of unique benefits.

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Everyone keeps talking about the benefits of face oils, but what is it that makes them so different to your fave moisturiser?

Facial Oil vs Moisturiser

1. The first major benefit of using oil is it penetrates the skins deeper layers, going deeper than a moisturiser. This is because most moisturisers are a cream that consist of some sort of emulsifier that tends to sit on the surface of the skin, where as an oil absorbs deep into the skin and plumps from the inside. Moisturiser acts as a barrier against free radicals – a facial oil does that and so much more.

2. The second benefit is more youthful looking skin. Just as our bodies need essential fatty acids to be healthy, so to does our skin. Young skin looks the most healthy and luminous because as we age, we lose the essentials oils needed to make skin glow. By incorporating a facial oil into your daily routine you are adding those oils back.

3. Even oily skins can use facial oils. That’s right you heard. Stripping your face of all oils with harsh AHA’s can actually lead to your skin producing more oil and creating break outs. A natural face oil will actually break down any congestion caused by sebum.

4. No synthetics. There are all sorts of fillers and emulsifiers added to moisturisers to make them creamy. If you pick the right one, facial oils are made of entirely natural ingredients. As these products are made to penetrate deep into the skin it’s crucial to make sure there aren’t any nasties inside!

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So have I convinced you to chuck your moisturiser this Winter?

I hope not. There is a place for both a moisturiser and a facial oil in your skin care regime. But if you’re finding your moisturiser just isn’t cutting it, try a facial oil to ensure a radiant glow.

My top picks are:

1. Trilogy Rosehip Oil  Antioxidant +  – Derived from the “hip” or the fruit of the rose, this oil is antioxidant rich and prevents pre-mature ageing.



2. ModelCo Macadamia Plus Luxury Facial Oil – Macadamia oil moisturises deeply while balancing the skins natural oil product.


3. Jojoba Oil – A unique golden wax that is like no other, Jojoba oil restores skins hydration for glowing, healthy looking skin.



4. Coast to Coast Coastal Ultra Soothing Cleansing Oil – Cleansing with an oil provides effective make-up removal plus removal of excess dirt and grime from the day. This one from Coast to Coast leaves behind no greasy residue.



Have you used a facial oil before?

Did you love it?

Let me know below….

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert