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Babyliss Argan Oil

Babyliss Argan Oil is perfect for giving hair instant smoothness and a shine that remains until your hair is next washed.

My hair is incredibly curly and frizzyEven when using the most leading hair straightener in the country I am still left with dry hair that tends to frizz unless I go over it with the straightener daily.

However, when I used Argan Oil after straightening my hair I couldn’t believe the way it immediatly absorbed into my hair and left it smooth and shiny!

I have tried every product out there; balms, creams, gels and sprays. All which leave my hair either sticky, greasy or stiff as a board. There is a lightness to this oil that allows it to seep into your hair without creating any greasiness. It smells fantastic too!  

I now use it on wet hair if I want to create soft curls, or dry hair when I want to use it to give that finishing touch to my straightened hair. The result is natural looking, shiny hair. A fantastic product!




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